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Feeling like I'm tripping w/o drugs

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This has been happening very often now. I sometimes would be sitting down and I start twitching, visuals get very intense, I feel high, and I start laughing for no reason. Sometimes it feels good but most of the time I fucking hate it cuz 1) people sometimes notice and it's embarrassing and 2) sometimes it feels like a bad trip. Anybody else feel like they are tripping the fuck out without taking anything ?

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man it would drive me crazy if my mom would ask me a question like this..when im actually suffering from a serious condition...for me it sounds like she wants you to go crazy...she really makes it easy for herself suspecting that you took drugs while you're just experiencing dp and hppd...tell her to inform herself before adjudging you or give her some literature about your condition...


when i were you i would even show her this forum to make clear that there are many sufferers like you out there and it has not necessarily to do with drug abuse. 

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so why are you posting here if no advice is the right or good enough for you and you dont even read posts of people and even if, you dont care what they say...i slowly realize that its no use to help you cause you dont want any help...you want to suffer while continuously getting attention from people you never listen to...for no reason..its just that you like to cry about your situation..which is quite stupid since it never helped anyone

an evidence is you are able to reply my posts now...where you said before you cant concentrate on my post (only on my posts..how unrealistic)..you liar!!! :angry:

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