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Tramadol 2

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So I got Tramadol from a friend. Today was my 2nd day using it. Feels weird but nice. First day I was able to get work done and concentrate. Today I felt the same effects. When I'm on this, I notice I don't really like being around my friends who I usually hang out with at lunch cuz they are a little too wild and talk a lot and I don't feel like talking that much when I am on this but I still don't want to hang out alone cuz it sends a tiny bit of fear through my mind but nothing serious. People were looking at me funny today as if they knew I was acting differently. I might take a day off from this pill tomorrow cuz I am afraid I might stop feeling the same effects if I develop a tolerance and these pills are kind of disgusting and I almost threw up both times when I swallowed them. Today didn't quite feel the same as yesterday. But I am enjoying listening to music that I usually don't listen to. Anyone else listen to Michael Jackson ? Lol

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