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I have dp/dr plus the feeling of detachment but now I feel like that symptom is now on steroids. Like I said before, it seems like my mind has gone independent from my body. First I talked about I got in some kind of argument with one of my friends and it involved challenging to a fight. I'm glad I deleted the messages cuz I don't want to read over them again and get all depressed. I just feel like it's not even me doing this. I feel like I'm just watching helplessly from third person while my fingers keep spamming and it feels like the things I say are not even my words. Feels like everything I do or think, is not me. I have been in similar fights with my father and it made me realize that this is not new.

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It cut me off. Wasn't finished. I now can feel anger again. Before I wasn't able to feel any emotions but now I have regained the ability to feel anger and sadness. So I deleted the messages and I have cooled down but now I just can't believed that happened. I just woke up and realized that he never really did anything to me. I just want to forget this happened and hopefully me and him can get on good terms and be friends again. I'm literally pulling my hair out cuz I can't control this. ????????

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Yep, it's time to starting taking advice onboard.


While everyone is different, alot of us here have made the mistakes you are now making and have massively regretted it. Weed, mdma, lsd, shrooms etc will give dp/dr to "normal" people for a time after use, so they are always going to have a strong effect on someone that actually suffers from dp/dr

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