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If you think you have HPPD, read this


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First of all I'm not doubting the existence of HPPD, it is a real disorder and real people do suffer from it.

What I am doubting however is the amount of people you come across when you scale the Internet who claim to have HPPD, when really they are just witnessing normal visual phenomenon.

My experience of HPPD is, I'm sure, similar to a lot of other people's in a way that it wasn't anywhere near as bad until I started reading forums, including this one.

I had a bad trip on MDMA with disturbing visuals. The day after my only sympt

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There was no internet in my day, so no obsessing over new symptoms I read about ..... Unfortunately, I do have all the usual symptoms.... But I agree with your thoughts.... Coming here alot and looking out for new symptoms is not ideal for healing

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Jay I selected the post button by accident, I've actually made another thread so could you delete this one and potentially read that one?

I'm familiar with your posts and I think it's obvious you suffer from HPPD, all I'm saying is that a lot of people suffer from just an anxiety disorder and not actually HPPD.

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