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enjoying drugs again..

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hey everybody.. i suffered extremely and still slightly suffer from dp/dr and i smoked weed yesterday and today and i usually get extreme panic attacks from it and every other stimulant ..but this was the first time i enjoyed it even though i smoked only a few leaves (not more than in any previous experiment) but i couldnt stop laughing after my smoke today..when i started smoking yesterday  i had a feeling of anxiety in my belly coming on and thought it will go wrong as used to..but i calmed my self and it faded after  only 3 seconds or so and then started to feel incredibly nice..its like i was fighting my fears and managed it through facing them but not overthinking..i just noticed it coming on and didnt pay attention and before i realized it the anxiety was gone. :D


im so happy about this  :P 


any other similar experiences?


or drugs you know to be safe for dp/dr sufferers?

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ok but since 3 weeks my hppd is over i only have dp/dr disorder left...but this also always kept me away from enjoying drugs..im sure the only reason a person with hppd couldnt enjoy drugs is because many hppd sufferers have severe dp/dr..and thats the actual problem when it comes to enjoying drugs or life .. trauma from extreme anxiety that leads to dp/dr...so one has to face, process and release the trauma before dp/dr fades away and thats good news cause its the reason why i feel better every day.

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I'm happy you are feeling, but you are being incredibly naive. 2 weeks ago you were talking about suicide, now it is all weed and sunshine?


I bet by the end of the summer you will be doing lsd/mdma and will likely be back to square one, or FAR worse. When will people learn to just enjoy normal life when they are given a second chance and not keep gambling with mental health for the sake of a few highs.

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hey man its not that im overdoing it i just want to smoke a view leaves now and then..and see what happens.. i have learned a lot about life in general and i even doubt that i would ever be addicted to weed again or anything else.

and im glad that i got a second chance for life but im not fully cured im still stuck with dp/dr.. even though it occurs rarely..but to my mind there's no acceptable version of dp/dr..that means its still annoying so i dont think about taking any other drugs then medicine or a little weed...i was always loving drugs and had a scientific interest in them..it was the only meaning of my life and it breaks my heart that i could never do it again..but i already made a sacrifice by fucking on all other substances existing no matter how much im keen on them..at this point i only want to smoke pot again to have at least one source of well being..and if this is not possible..why am i existing at all !?

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