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HPPD, AKA, PTSD from drugs.

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I have a theory that HPPD is a sort of PTSD from using mind-expanding drugs. 



Since all of us seem to get it from a bad trip. And this is the only negative effect from psychedelics (other than psychosis)


So we get a bad trip, get PTSD meaning our brain hasnt processed the trauma, so we still get visuals. I think im gonna make a youtube video about it or something. 



Does anyone agree? disagree?

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yeah this is kind of intresting theory...


Do all people that have HPPD get it post a bad trip..?


Maybe it has something to do with a bad trip being so tramatic... that it all gets pushed into the sub-conscious.. 


Its kind of knowen that, when a person undergoes extreem trauma, they do everything they can to try and avoid it. In the act of trying to avoid it, they are actually focusing on it again and possibly re-experiencing on some level.. Maybe this is part of the mecahnism bethid PTSD..

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I never had a bad trip, I had some very strange and occasionally scary parts to a trip, but no freak outs like I have seen other people have.


Possibly the sensory overload of a good/normal trip could actually produce some kind of PTSD though... I still think chemical inbalance or receptor damage seem more likely though.

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can u guys please describe your trips that gave you HPPD? 


-fear?, etc..


-feeling like ur not in reality



(i had all 3 of those, extremely intense fear. It was so bad to the point where I couldnt even hold a glass of water. I was pacing back and forth for 5 hours. during the trip, I knew that I would neveer be the same)

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