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So I've been suffering with HPPD for a couple months now after taking some bad LSD (who knows what it really was I guess). After a couple weeks of nervous breakdowns my mom and I decided to get me help. We went to a psychiatric place that suggested I stay with them for a week for help and therapy, but come to find out the psychiatrist there had never heard of HPPD and just tried to get me to take antipsychotics which I refused (shouts out to this site). After that week in hell, my anxiety continued but my visual problems were getting better with occasional flare up and always worrying about it. 

Until recently I got in a car crash and got a concussion now my visuals are full blown again. My new doctor gave me a month of klonopin and now wants me to start with an SSRI. I guess my main question is, what is the consensus of this site, do antidepressants help HPPD or make it worse? I've been getting awful sleep, horrible stress at the fact I think I'm going insane, and been depressed before this whole ordeal.

Thanks for being here

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Sorry to hear...


I would take the klonopin as needed short term and cease all drug use (obviously).  Take a good multivitamin and wait for your brain to heal.  SSRI's are hit or miss with HPPD but most people report an increase in symptoms.  I wouldn't go that route right off the bat personally.


Good luck!

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I would recommend staying away from any SSRI. I too am dealing with a concussion and an increase in my HPPD as a result. I was put on Prozac (fluoxetine) a month ago and took it for 9 days. It made my visuals much worse and they still have not abated.

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fuck those psytriatric places, mental institutes? 


those are like jail.



yeah one of those idiot doctors thought i was schizophrenic and was like yelling at me like "youre developing schizophrenia!!!!!!!! idiot why dont  u take antipsycohtisc!#$!#$^@"


hes like "ive been a doctor for 40 years and you think you know more than me?!!?!?" 


apparently i do lol.. 

and i was forced to take them



fuck those places, fuck most psychiatrists

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Lethergicacid Green tea has caffeine and so does decaf green tea as they cannot chemically extract all while maintaining the flavor. Regular green tea has 10-25 mg per cup (equivalent to coca cola per ounce) decaf had 5-15 mg per cup

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thanks 50's, 


I have a theory that HPPD  is just PTSD from a bad trip 


My point is that I dont think that just going drug free is going to cure it.


I think that some people have HPPD without PTSD, in which it goes away. 



In my opinion, u gotta process the bad trip. which is scary as fuck. U gotta go thru the pain and everything. 

Very enlightening. 


So thats why im doing meditation and shit to get ahold of this PTSD. (theory)



Why else would it cause anxiety, depression, dissociation? all symptoms of PTSD. and the visuals are like flashbacks. the visuals are harmless but the deep-rooted PTSD anxiety can make a difference. 



I think, get control of ur life, sleep well, eat healthy, face ur fears. Basically man up. Thats what I am doing at least.



When i got HPPD 8 months ago, i was just like you. I even went to a mental hospital too and they prescribed me antipsychotics too, ridiculous. I thought it would go away but it didnt. 

I remember joining these forums just like you. Now im gaining control of my life and am a whole new person since before HPPD. 


stronger, wiser, healthier.and im not addicted to pot anymore lol.



stay strong :) 


you are gonna be so strong and such a great person by the time u get over this.

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thanks for shareing..


maybe the stress of your cononcussion contributed to a flare up of your visuals..


If your visuals were subsiding before, id feel confident that they will do again.


Possibly just living a really active, fully healthy lifestyle will contrubute to things getting back to how they were. i..e. eat supa healthy (possibly supplamentation) exersize and also remember to relax, whatever helps you to do this would be good.


I think do your best to believe you will be fine and strengthen those pathways in your brain..


best of luck..

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