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Thanks for everything, HPPD

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i write this thread for say all the possitive things i win through HPPD.


I tart first with beginig:


I meet HPPD in my first time with 25x NBome as the 15 years old (i ever was impulsive, just really bad set & setting) , after really bad trip i go to a hospital and after the administration of "medication" the bad trip loss anxiety but.... the visuals no left.

I say before the trip with 25x Nbome i taste Salvia divinorum (very strong trip, to much respect now), coke , Benzo's and weed , but i not have any secuels for that (except the salvia , a seriously existencial doubt jeje ) 


really bad firsts months, with strong medication, i left that after 1 month, slowy, because i try left it fast and have a ugly abstinence syndrome (from antypsychotics and benzos) ,with a strong up from synthomps


after that i tried with a long list of medication, but i left that and after it, i NOT go back to use medication, just benzos fro recreational use


NOW , 1 3/4 year after left the medication, im feel good, really good, "taming" the hppd, the syntoms really back with the time, for moments was like never will progess , but the aceptation was the solution.


After left the medication, i never will ahve anxiety, i really think the cause of the anxiety, is the medication, the fear to the future, u must just accept u life, like in salvia trip, i forget my self, i was think "who i am?" "whare are i am?" "what is this?" but in a moment i think "mmm.... ok, this my home now" or something like that, nothing of desesperation



NOW i can smoke weed, six months ago i was know i cannot smoke weed ,the visuals are to stronger, but and i moment i think "i can with this, i can TAME this" , and in a real trip (i was in a trip for my country, travel picking up cars, i not know the traduction for that, backpag travelist? maybe) in a natural place, in 3 days, i managed to tame the weed, to tame the visuals, to tame my self, because with hppd, weed are really more psychedelic than before, 


The hppd was a advantage, why? because with DP/DR i was can decide what to do with my life without any conditioning, without the senses of "good or bad" "yes or not" "real or ilussion" , i was think in a neutral point, because the badtrip of 25x NBome was a real disconection of reality and a hard reset of my brain. 


Now i think ,  why live in this society? in this anti-natural place? in this not spiritual place, in this big folly? why this globalited people? product of the occidental society, in a little world, with limited posibilities, with conditionings , in a false world , fishbowl, snowbowl, i this matrix

when the real world, the world with 100 milions years old, the natural world, that world which is being sacrificed to maintain modern Western society, because in 200 years of "modernity" we destroy most than the 100.000 years old of human existence, for maintein a little false world, than just exist humans and cities.


Next year is time to let know the world, the real world, to travel, too feel,to learn, to discover...

...to live



sorry if i use bad english, i speak spanish



thanks for read







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