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  1. Im living the life, totally out of hhpd groups and think of that, actually i love my hppd and it is great, all thanks a change of perspective and if u ask for the members, all maybe go to the group of facebook u know is easyer than the forum
  2. DP/dr 90% gone hppd is same, but dont care without dpdr
  3. dafuq¿? bro ketamine causes all the oposit things we want to fight a.a
  4. i like your oldest post bro u make me thing u lost the way again
  5. Rosario, Argentina if anybody on argentine read this, mp please
  6. i hate say this, visual syntoms after more then 1 month are fuckin*g worse, fucking crap be very careful, nothing of drug for me this year
  7. i know what u say i remember that makes really really, really worst with antyupsichotics, i fucking feel insane in those times
  8. what do you say bro... i dont know what are u talkin gabout, u can see my themes and i was dont touch any drugs for seven months, i was start to smoke again after drive the trip and i leave that now, i never taste the mushrooms, probably if i was can do that i never was taste the 25x nbome y loco no hinches los huevos antes de hacer ese tipo de afirmaciones investiga, yo tengo 17 años y hppd desde los 15... tomar la MDMA fue un riesgo como tantos que suelo tomar, y aunque no la pase bien, al menos me hizo sentir mucho mejor, ahora despues de la toma la nieve visual empeoro bastante, peor r
  9. i was use MDMA, and emotional was best, but VS be very worst :'v
  10. the only opiates i taste was the Tramadol, is not the best but is the only for this lands, and they hangover is hell naltrexone is an antagonist, the theory is the antagonist of kappa opioid receptors reduces dp/dr (salvia is a stronger kappa opioid agonist)
  11. yeees,that sorry for my bad english x-) i will probably try naltrexone to try kill totally DP/DR , i have some for for the theory block of the opioid receptor, just not of exogen opioids, the endogen too probably very disforia and unpleasure
  12. i must refresh the good notice after one month my dp/dr low a good part and i feel great after the mdma the bad thing is the visual snow is very worst, and i not help with that for smoking weed.... jeje for have account to any impulsive take of drug the next time, if VS should be worst, probably they be
  13. hi, a big huge from argentine f nop, this is not a joke or a troll theme a little introduction: I have HPPD from february of 2014, thanks of a fuc*ing idiot impulse taste of 25x Nbome, my first trip, was a really, really bad trip highly dissociation,snow vision, visuals.... after a time i was forced to use psychiatric drugs, two months, i leave of that for my account, that really was feel me like an a fuc*ing insane, those antypsichotics (and him abstinence) after leave that i was really feel very good, but hppd was in him all splendor, DP/DR was very high, my vision and percep
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