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Full blown hallucinations

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I've only ever had full blown hallucinations on drugs, and even then, it was very rare. Can you describe it in more detail?

i was laying in bed one morning wide awake but could barely even think and was just laying there. im laying there and then i see my friend. there was like 3 of him surrounding me looking over me as if they were looking at somebody who had passed out. then they disappeared randomly. and then i look around and i am suddenly in my living room but then it slowly turned back into my bedroom. then when it was over, i was just thinking "what the fuck?" and it left me a little freaked out for most of the day

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Perhaps the aspect of previously being asleep is the key factor.  HPPD messes with the sleep, wake, attention, focus, and perception between these states.


Both the above experiences are different than being a the grocery store and seeing monster after you, etc ...

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