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Lamictal - risk vs rewards

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So I was seen by a Boston headache specialist for return of HPPD-like symptoms vs persistent aura with daily headache. He was convinced that my symptoms are more likely a migraine variant that had been brought on by stressful life situations. I have history of classic migraine since 15 years old. Now 34. He has very low suspicion that smoking weed a few times could cause such a drastic change in perception along with daily headaches.

He recommended Lamictal to be started at 25 mg daily, up to 25 mg bid, then 75 mg daily, and finally 50 mg bid.

I am also advised to take Klonopin .25 bid for the next few weeks to help with anxiety.

My question is, could these 2 meds result in delaying the body's natural healing process? I am somewhat optimistic that I'll see at least some relief.

Any input from those who have tried Lamictal and Klonopin together? Aside from possible rash, any side effects to watch out for?

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I'm on those two meds at the moment, they interact fine. I only take klonopin a few days a week though... but I don;t see any cause for concern (just make sure not to get too into Klonopin, it is very easy to start liking it a bit too much!)


How long have you been suffering hppd symptoms?

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I'm sure you've heard my story...

Started 16 yrs ago. Symptoms faded to the point of not effecting my life after the first 6 months to year, but still were present (trails, slight light sensitivity, peripheral movement, feeling 'spaced'). I considered myself a changed man, but well enough to go to college, hold a job, smoke pot, drink alcohol, go to grad school, etc. I rarely thought about it. Stopped smoking 8 yrs ago.

This "flare" or "recurrence" onset 4-5 months ago not long after smoking pot again for first time in so long (maybe a month after smoking the last time). I also had a migraine in that timeframe. I was also under a ton of stress. Visuals are now different than first HPPD case. Afterimages, trails, more night static, SEVERE light sensitivity and starbursting. I also have an odd daily headache that Dr. A was stumped about.

Can't be sure if it's migraine aura or HPPD or both.

Lamictal is used to treat both.

The anxiety iseading to depression. Hard time at work.

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Lamictal has helped me a lot with both hppd symptoms and my mood shifts. Not so much with depression, but at least I feel a lot more stable emotionally and much better with issues like anger management. Doctors say that I might be bipolar and that's why I was prescribed with lamictal at first (I recently started to think that it might actually be BPD, but that's another story...)


The only side effect for me has been reduced tolerance for alcohol. I get too drunk too easily, act in weird ways that I've never acted before, and feel very shitty the next day...

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