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Possible funding and research


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Hi, as some of you will know, OldSchoolAr recently made contact with http://www.beckleyfoundation.org/


Today, we had a phone call with their crowd funding manager and it went very well. She was shocked to hear about the condition and seemed very keen to try to get us some exposure and possible crowd funding to do research with specialised doctors.


This feels like the first little breakthrough in a while and could be very promising. Great work by OldSchoolAr.


She was interested in making contact with Dr Abraham to explore ideas of where any money could be best spent. If any of you have a contact for him, please PM me or OldSchoolAr.


Also, if you have any suggestions on how you think the money would be best spent, please share here.




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Awesome! Has anyone done a diffusion tensor imaging MRI yet? We still haven't gotten a large amount of genetic samples from HPPD sufferers as of yet. Maybe we can try deep brain stimulations and optogenetics (once human trials begin). We can also try MEG (magnetoencephalography), TES (transcranial electromagnetic scanner), and NIRS (near-infrared spectroscopy). Since the berkley foundation is testing how hallucinogens act on healthy brains, maybe they can test how hallucinogens act on the brains of people with HPPD and compare the results (that's if anyone with HPPD would be willing to do this of course). 

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It would be interesting to see a test with 3 subjects.... People on LSD, people with HPPD, healthy individuals. That would surely help us pinpoint the areas that LSD works on and can cause long term problems with?

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I created a website www.neurogroup.org.
Its just a page right now but I can easily add more however I'm not doing the work myself simply becuase I don't know how. I don't know how to effectivley articulate this condition nor really design a website but with the right guidance I can get this going. This is a group effort so I'll take input from others and content that they'd like to see uploaded. I can add a donate button to an account that will be set up with a non proft sponsor when we all feel comfortable with it. I can be emailed at neurogen00@gmail.com

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