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lets start a anti drugs campage or a anti drugs recoment tubes


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Don't think that'll help much. Simple fact is people love drugs. Think about it. Back when you were using, if someone tried to warm you off the dangers of drugs, you'd shrug them off thinking " it won't happen to me". This is the mind set for about every user out there.

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Agree with Mazzy, this sort of action does not help. Governments try and fail.


We just need to give out information and advice.


I'm not even anti-drugs myself, personally. I think they can have real benefits to people, they just have risks and side effects that people need to be informed of.

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It's not rate just under reported as doctors are highly unfamiliar with it and also due to the prevelance of suicide associated with the condition. How do researchers study something completely unknown to them with zero funding and work with just a handful of survivors?

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