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Benzos and drinking


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Last night I had about 15mg of diazepam and two beers, which was my first time drinking since new years. Today i've felt a bit lethargic and sort of out of it a bit (is the best way to describe it). Does this happen to anyone else? I wish I could stop drinking entirely but in N.Ireland it's just about the only way to be social as there's so little to do...

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I find it better to drink without benzos, and then have the benzo the next day to help with the hangover anxiety.


I have drank with benzos before and it can get real messy, real quickly.... I blacked out for 6 hours once, but was still awake... Causing trouble and getting thrown out of pub after pub.


Be careful.

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I'm not going to lie... I do this a couple times a week.    1 or 2 .5mg xanax and 2 or 3 beers and goodbye anxiety.  But yes, be careful!!!!!!  For me, if I exceed 1 mg xanax and 4 drinks it's blackout time for me.  It's only happened a couple times but to be on the safe side, like Jay said, try to avoid if you can. 

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