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Semax and Afobazole on their way.

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So Selank was a fail for me. Thought I was using 1mg a day because the spray bottle I bought said it was roughly .1ml per spray but was more like .2ml per spray so I was using 2mg a day(10mg vial lasted only 5 days so this is verified).


I went ahead and order the 120mg vial of Semax because I am tired of waiting on the 60mg vial. Semax is made by the same company that makes Selank. I ordered mine from Ceretropic.com. I also ordered some 28g x 1/2 syringes and plan on doing sub-q injections for a more accurate dosage. I will be dosing 1cc a day with each cc being a mg. I ordered today and expect it all to be here either Wednesday or Thursday. I ordered just 60 of the Afobazole tablets to just get my feet wet. I am going to start at just 1 tablet 2x a day until my work week is over and then I will bump it up to 1 table 3x a day since I will have about 4 days off until I have to return to work. I am doing it this way just incase there are side effects at least I won't have to deal with them at work. The Afobazole should be here tomorrow.


Right now my biggest problem is dp/dr, anxiety, depression and cognitive problems. I also(almost certain) think I have anhedonia from years of drug abuse and esp from my opiate use esp the Suboxone. It seems my opioid receptors are so downregulated there is nothing I can do. I haven't taken any opioids in 2 months and last weekend I decided to take 3 hydrocodones(30mg) to see where I was at and I got nothing, just an itch but no mood lift or anything. Basically I just feel emotionless towards things but I do show emotion. I guess the best way to say it is I feel no enjoyment or pleasure in things. Only at work do I feel enjoyment and that is because I am competitive and am usually the better worker in the fab. 


So I will be looking for a decrease in anxiety, a mood lift, decrease in anhedonia, increased vigilance, improved memory, improved verbal fluency, improved memory recall(esp when put on the spot) and improved motivation. The Afobazole can take up to a month to really kick in so I will just report on that every few days if there are any improvements or side effects and the Semax should show instant signs of improvement so will report on this from day 1.


I am also taking Piracetam, Aniracetam and Tianeptine. I am doing fairly well on keeping up with dosing and being consistent but do miss doses. I have fish oil I need to keep up with and also some Alpha-GPC I need to cap whenever I stop being lazy. 


Any questions or concerns? Feel free to shoot away.


Thank you,


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For anyone interested here is how Semax has been working for me so far......

it hasn't :(


I have been using for a week now. I started off with 1mg 2x a day but am now using 2mg 2x a day. I have even injected 4mg at once twice so far. I haven't experienced any kind of effects from it, nothing positive, nothing negative.


My Afobazole came in today(I messed up my order that is why it took so long) and I just took one pill sublingually. Will report back on this.


I also order a benzo called tofisopam. It is a non-addictive benzo(supposedly) and it is also a stimulating benzo! It doesn't work on the CNS either which is why I assume it isn't addictive. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tofisopam


Will report back later.

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I have only taken Afobazole for one day and am taking it 3x a day but it seemed to help with anxiety and also felt pretty clear headed and more focused. I could have also just been having a good day though. But if I have more days like I did yesterday while on Afobazole I will have to say for fact it is working for me. Will report back in a few days on this.


Mr.50, it is a benzo but a different type of benzo. It has a completely different mechanism of action although I can't tell you what it does because wiki and ncbi have conflicting reports, like completely different reports lol.  

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Also I would like to put in that I think for anyone who is currently taking benzos I think Afobazole would make the perfect addition. I have not tested this myself so I am just saying this off of others experiences so disclaimer *I can't say this is fact lol* but they report that you can literally cut your benzo usage in half. It just draws your tolerance back to almost none. This is from what I have read online and the 2 other people I am currently talking with on another forum who are trying all kinds of different non-typical meds both claim it has lowered their tolerance too. Just thought this would be good to know for anybody using benzos.


Also if anyone is interested in doing some research lol, I have been looking into this oxytocin analogue called WAY-267,464. It is a oxytocin agonist as opposed to just putting oxytocin in your body which is poorly absorbed or hardly crosses the BBB. I am desperately trying to find dosage guidelines on this analogue and a trusted source that could possibly make some. I would straight guinea pig myself on this if I could find it lol.  

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Ok guys, so it has been a week now since dosing Afobazole and I like it. It is real mild with slight mood lifting and anti anxiety properties. I can even think clearer on it. The second day I took it on my first dose that day, I don't know what happened but I got in my car and had the most amazing ride to work. I just felt good and happy again. Sad part was it only lasted about 25 minutes lol. Honestly, if I could recreate that moment and have it last all day I would be in the perfect mood. It wasn't a high feeling or anything but I did experience some mental euphoria from actually being able to feel music again and to have emotion, it was just a feeling of good wellbeing. So I haven't been able to recreate that experience but I still get some mood lift and some anxiety relief from it, nothing major but is what I am looking for. Since getting off of hard drugs and getting clean I don't want to be on anything that makes me feel how I want to feel 24/7 because we all know that shit doesn't last. I just want something that can help me get in the routine of being normal again and help me to actually practice being normal so I can relearn to live a what is consider normal to me, normal life. So for me, so far, Afobazole gets 2 thumbs up. I am going to do a 3 month cycle of it and will report back on it randomly.  

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Well my Tofisopam came in the other day and the first day I dosed a bunch of it and it wasn't to bad. The following day I took some Galantamine at night which was the first time in a few months and when I woke up I took my usual supplements but added 250mg of phenylpiracetam and the Tofisopam and for the remaining of my day which happened to be a 12 hour work day I had extreme brain fog. Like I couldn't do anything, was just constantly forgetting to do the most simplest of things and just felt off. Dp/dr got pretty bad and some of the negative effects seem to be lingering around today. Not sure what caused it but I am thinking it was the combination of everything and more specifically the Selegiline/phenylpiracetam/Tofisopam combination. Giving it a break today and tomorrow and will try the Tofisopam again Monday. Am cutting the Selegiline out of my routine(have been on it for 3 months or so already anyways).

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