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Do I have hppd?

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Hey guys I need help. I think I have hppd but I'm not sure. So I did acid a little over a month ago... After I took it I just felt different. For a while I felt naturally "high" and I would get pretty vivid after images if I looked for it. Over time everything pretty much went away. I can tell colors apart with no problem, I can read normally, no halos, etc. I just get slight after images (when I look for it). I also see "drifters" in my eye more then I did before my use. Note that this was my second time using lsd (first was a half tab). Am I just tweaking or am I at risk? I didn't know who to turn to so I chose you guys! Lol a response would help thank you

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Sounds like what I refer to as pre-hppd.


This is your body/mind telling you LSD is something it doesn't cope well with.


My advice, enjoy the experiences you have had and move on. This shit can get alot worse, very quickly. I would strongly advise to stear clear of drugs like mdma too.

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Don't want to burst your bubble, as a former daily cannabis chiefer...but there's a good likelyhood that will also worsen your HPPD.  If you feel any anxiety or chest tightness when you smoke, I would back off.  I started having HPPD at 16.  I'm 31 now, and I cannot smoke weed.

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