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Has anyone had improvement with lamotrigine?

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I saw a psych for the first time yesterday and was prescribed lamotrigine. Has anyone had or read about anyone else having success with this medication? I have done a little research on it and it seems to be a waste of time for hppd and vs. I was told to try lamotrigine first and then keppra if I don't have success. I guess because the side effects are suppose to be more mild with lamotrigine or so I was told. I'm starting to think I should have gone straight to keppra. Any knowledge about this subject would be greatly appreciated.

I hope all you hppders have a great day! Try not to space out too much, you only live once.

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Yes I have had success with lamictal. I'm currently on 200mg and it has helped me cope. I still get brain fog, my body temperature is always hot, cognitive and memory issues and fatigue. I'm starting to think those are tied into something else but as far the hppd dp/dr,goes,I've definitely noticed an improvement. I'm thinking of adding a low dose of keppera and seeing if that helps my dp/dr even further.

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I have used Lamictal (100 mgs/day) and sorry but it was any good at all for me..

It didn't decrease neither HPPD or DP/DR one bit. There was a quite forced on "mental clarity" later on which became unbearable in the end as it rendered me completely unable to sleep.. Strange side effects!

Keppra is IMO a much better and more modern anti-EP with fewer side-effects.

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