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  1. I have had hppd for maybe 6 years now. I had the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life on shrooms except for one terrible trip where I took way too much that lead to depersonalization. I have visual snow, tracers, halos and some other stuff. I feel like my iq dropped 20 points and I am more tired than I used to be. Has anyone else tried psychedelics after having hppd? I want to try to take fairly small but somewhat significant amount of shrooms again but am afraid of making the condition permanently worse. I have microdosed many times and I drink and smoke pot often. These things have
  2. Im only 19 although Im a little ahead academically since I went to a concurrent enrollment high school. I dont really have a major declared but I am studying mathematics and will likely major in statistics. I am very lucky to have the doctor that I have. I went through a couple of doctors to find him. I think the best place to find doctors is at universities. Something about the academic atmosphere seems to make people more open minded.
  3. I took my first dose four nights ago with no noticeable benefit for the first three days. Today, however, I have found myself understanding mathematical concepts in class better than usual and when I stepped out side to look at the stars I noticed a clear reduction in visual snow. I still have not noticed a change in floaters, blue-field entopic phenomenon, tinnitus, ghosting, or starbursts. So I seem to have some improvement in dp/dr and visual snow. I am very happy about this and hope that I will see more benefits as I go along. I have not had any keppra rage which is surprising since I am n
  4. Thanks for the reply xspecm. Does it help more with visual or mental symptoms? It's good to hear that it has helped someone. Also how long did it take to start working? I took my first dose last night and I have zero improvement so far.
  5. Thanks for the reply xspecm. Does it help more with visual or mental symptoms? It's good to hear that it has helped someone. Also how long did it take to start working? I took my first dose last night and I have zero improvement so far.
  6. I saw a psych for the first time yesterday and was prescribed lamotrigine. Has anyone had or read about anyone else having success with this medication? I have done a little research on it and it seems to be a waste of time for hppd and vs. I was told to try lamotrigine first and then keppra if I don't have success. I guess because the side effects are suppose to be more mild with lamotrigine or so I was told. I'm starting to think I should have gone straight to keppra. Any knowledge about this subject would be greatly appreciated. I hope all you hppders have a great day! Try not to space out
  7. I just saw a psychiatrist for the first time today and my results were great. I was diagnosed with hppd without having to tell him what it was. He said he would be willing to do some research into some medications. I suggested keppra and he said that I could do keppra but he would prefer it if I tried lamotrigine first. I guess because he doesn't think the side effects are as bad. I live in Utah and am seeing a psych through the university of utah (in Salt Lake City). His name is Dr. Matt Moench.
  8. Jay-- thanks for the reply. I have been debating on taking time off school but it would mean losing a scholarship I can not defer. I just started school last week with 15 credits hours and it's been tough. I have read a little on what I can do. cutting out caffeine is difficult with school but I'm doing my best. I drink small amounts of alcohol now and again but it doesn't seem to affect me. I'm meeting with a psych next week and I'm hoping they will believe me. I'd like to try keppra as I've read some success stories with it. MissJess-- Life with hppd really sucks I agree. it sounds li
  9. I feel that I have been going through he'll lately with no one to talk too. My friends, family, and doctors have told me that my problems as all in my head. I have turned to this forum in hopes of finding some friendly and understanding people. I believe the cause of my problems was a bad mushroom trip a year and a half ago. this was my first trip ever. I was in kolob canyon in Zion national park in Utah. My friends and I were idiots and each ate 4 grams for our first time. The high hit me hard and I went walking off. I forgot who I was and even forgot that I was a human being. I thought that
  10. I could not figure out how to delete a post so this was my alternative
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