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I have diagnosed chronic migraine with aura since I was a child. But, when I started to smoke pot around 2012, they dissapeared to the point that I had to drunk a lot for notice him.


Now, with HPPD, I'm still free, I have headhaches, but differents that I had. I think, you know what is a migraine and a simply pain of head, as me.


Now, I don't touch any drug for headhaches, only a dark room and pennyroyal*


*lol, I traduce it with google and don't know if I'm talking about pennis

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Do you get confusing tension headaches in the morning?


As soon as I get up they usually lift. But it makes me super-hard to not get up because of it sometimes. Happends 2-3 days a week, it could be related to bruxism and a tense jaw musculature. I had this problem but milder pre-HPPD.

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I used to have frequent headaches during my first year with hppd. Clenching my jaw during sleep and also at times of stress was one of the reasons. Rubbing my jaw and neck muscles with peppermint oil helped me a lot with that.

But I also had some headaches without any apparent reason. I guess it is mainly related to the anxiety and stress that comes with the onset of hppd.

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Mine seem to diminish too during the recent months, not sure if it's related to Keppra or maybe the piece of hard plastic that I force myself to use every night that's doing it's job. I was clenching my jaw during sleep pre-HPPD too with these headaches so I'm not sure. Damn I'm too old for being 23.

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