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  1. hey guys, im new here, so i have been suffering from this thing for about 2 months now, but i actually don't know what it is ? whether DP/DR ? or HPPD ? or something else. i got all this from smoking weed, out of a printing paper (A4). havent touched LSD, MDMA etc ever. ohh!, and i never had that 'i am going to die feeling, when i was high'. and i believe i have a bit of social anxiety. i'm a 22 year old male, with no history of mental illnesses. here is what i have:- visual snow (mostly in darkness and dim lights) very sensitive to all kinds of light. (even sunlight) very inte
  2. i got restless legs as well, anybody got headaches ?
  3. anyone who got HPPD or Depersonalisation , got headaches as well ? i have derealization and visual snow, and i get terrible headaches, which seem to move around. thanks
  4. can anyone, tell me the difference between ? HPPD and DP/DR ? how are the symptoms different from each other ? and how to know if i have HPPD or DP/DR ?
  5. thanks, gives some hope. i can confirm that i dont have visual snow, or that tv noise shit, neither shifting colours or flashes, and geometric patterns. although, i do have starbursts from car headlights, and after images, when i stare at flurocent lights. and a little hazy vision which gets worse in dark areas and at night. and about dp/dr symptoms, i guess the world feels a bit changed to me. nothing too strong. the best way to describe, what im feeling in my opinion, would be to say, that im stuck in a weed high, with the the visual and auditory effects, without the eupho
  6. yes, im staying off everything, untill i get better, and i have also been prescribed clonazepam 0.5 mg, should i take it everyday ? or only when i get anxiety.
  7. @andrewcb thanks for all the answers, but shit you make it sound like its going to stay forever, i have already stopped using all kinds of drugs, and its been around 4 weeks, and i can say that my symptoms have gotten somewhat better, (or i just got used to them so i feel that way idk!) that pop up book thing has kind of decreased. about the migranes thing, i think it comes due to seeing bright lights everytime im not sure though! and about DP/DR, i heard that it goes away with time, but i feel that i even if i have DP/DR it is very mild. thanks for the answers though, i think ill go
  8. hello there, HPPD online members ! i have been smoking marijuana, for about 2 months now, occasionally, and never had any problem before, but after the last time i smoked weed, which was about 4 weeks ago, i have been experiencing some strange symptoms, which has really started to scare the hell out of me, and giving me terrible anxiety. the symptoms include : 1) increased sensitivity to light, it feels like the world around me is brighter than usual, and colours are more saturated. (especially red), every kind of artificial light is bright to me, my eyes hurt when i look at lights
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