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Hey guys,


I haven't posted here in a while but I thought I would share my results on my qeeg.

Basically I have extremely low alpha brain waves. It shows evidence for a chemical injury and a change in my brain functioning. My qeeg really shed some light on what caused my hppd, basically I had a sensory overload from ibogaine & resulted in an injury..so ur body and brain processes everything that enters it but what happened with the ibogaine ...it was way to powerfull and strong for my body and brain to process and handle.,,but it had to be processed so it sped up my brain through the sensory processing system and bang hppd happened so it's basically like a blow to ur sensory system and possibly paretal lobes.

I am going to work on targeting alpha brain wave function and possibly start neurofeedback with the neurologist. Was even thinking of trying biotuner and doing an alpha wave program I'm not sure yet.

I also asked him why my brain reacts fuked up to alcohol, supplements and coffee etc...he said it's because my brain waves have changed and there is a chemical injury there and my brain can't handle or process anything sensory right now. I think this is great feedback for hppd research

Here are some snippets from my report:

"The primary finding of decreased alpha activity can be associated with symptoms such as insomnia, decreased stress tolerance, differences in empathy & differentiation of self vs other sensory and emotional stimuli. There is no clear increase in delta and theta activity, which in the presence of decreased alpha activity might be expected in conditions such as aspergers, traumatic brain injury, or generalized small vessel disease and associated ischemia.

Metabolic or endocrine disturbances such as deficiencies in dhea, thyroid function or serotonin synthesis may be worth investigating in this case. The latter in particular may be associated with variable periods of inappropriate drug dosages or social drug use (single occur acne or chronic)"

I also have some images to attach but they are too big unfortunately...but anyone who is interested I can email to you.


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This makes sense, 


I think when people talk about start to trip, it's just a worsening of our brain, which processes our environment incorrectly. Right now our brain (same happens to me), is not able to understand and process things and less with the effect of medication or anything that interferes with this process sensory
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thank for posting, Jess.... very interesting results


interesting that they mention a change of empathy.... I think my empathy levels have been alot higher since hppd, which i consider a good thing.

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Well duster

I can onky say that everyone's hppd is unique...we all didn't acquire hppd from the same type of drug...

That's why I believe working to find a cure is rlly difficult because there are different drug causes and different types of causes for hppd like altered brain chemistry could be 1 and damage to sensory processing system could be another etc that's why some people can drink alcohol and others cannot

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I think the ceberal chemical damage is almost the same in people, if we consider that this damage is caused by the overflowing of serotonin, which makes that recipients are 'fried'. 


I think, that the manifestation of the injury is more pronounced or not depends more on the subject's personality (neuroticism, psychoticism, mental opening) and such damage, which may have been larger in some than in others.



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Thanks for the answers. Yes, there are surely different forms of this and alcohol or caffeine is not for everyone.

I got a terrible migraine attack yesterday night. I was hanging out with my friend on a local rock drinking a few beers and watching sunset. We decided then to hit a bar and drink one more, but on the way it started. Got partially blind and couldn't stand or walk a metre. Had to call a taxi to get me back home. Happens approximately every 5 years to me and it is correlated with stress... I'm a masters student in my University and there's a lot going on right now. Ok, probably got a little sidetracked now. I still don't believe there is a sort of damage that cannot be fixed. There must be a way. The day will come but before that let's live... Let's fight. :)

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