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This shouldn't happen to good people.

Most of us know have some idea where you're coming from.

There are times when all words sound empty, but not in this community.

You have given so much help and advice to others. That's worth something.

Hold on, Merkan. 

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hey Dude..


You will be feeling better soon..


Dont do that shit.. Your stronger than that..


Take good care of yourself.. things WILL GET BETTER..


Always here to chat bro.. dont hesistste..  i would like to connect with you over the telephone some time when your free.


keep on keeping on man, you can and will beat this.. you can get through this..

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Ok, so i am out. I was standing at a bridge, i was very depressed. Though i didn't intend to jump, someone called the police. I was going my way home and they missed me but i was embaressed of all the fuzz so i went back and talked to them and they took me in. Went to the doc and said that i really didn't want to go to the psych ward and that my family was on the way. The doc forced me though so i had no choice.

Went there and was released during the weekend and went for rest with my family in the north of Sweden (amazing landscapes).

I am at the beach writing this from my home and everything is a lot clearer to why things escalated. I have been going on at a job that i hate, almost no friends, no co-workers at my job.

I am gonna change my life completely, wont care about making a career. I am going to either study what i want to or change my job to something that works. Travell, look for potential friends etc.

It was more of an exhausting mental crash coming from HPPD that brought me to the edge.

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Glad to hear you are safe, was very worried for you.


It sounds like you are ready to make a big change and I think that could be a great thing, sometimes totally changing your life is a good way to feel in control of it.


As much as this idea might be a scary one, have you thought about tapering down from Clonazepam? I think it does some very scary things in terms of depression... Even when I take it for just 2 weeks, I feel very, very depressed and empty.


Anyway, I hope you can look back on this period in your life and think "That was something that changed my life for the better". Good things can come from bad places.


All the best, Jay

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