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Football anyone?

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I'm a diehard Saints fan. If you take a look at our free agency acquisitions, we are primed to make another run this year. WHO DAT! Man, Vikings fans haven't had nice things to say about us in a couple of years...tongue.gif

I am of course also an LSU fan and I can't wait until the Oregon game labor day weekend.

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lol i prefer it football and soccer here but understand the confusion. and no i really don't have anything to say about the Saints at all lol. Can't tell you how annoying the Who dat chant is. plus its a rip off of the Bengals who-dey but they suck so no one says that.

The Saints are looking good though don't know about their D tbh but we will see. i hope my vikes get their stuff together and get a stadium and don't waste AP's career.

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Arizona Cardinals are my team, the Eagles or Jets look like the front runners this yr.

Jay, the NFL players would destroy Rugby players. They are jacked up on all sorts of illegal drugs and even at 300lb they look like olympic sprinters lol. I read that the highest paid Rugby player only makes like $800.000 US dollars yearly. That doesn't give the best athletes in the world the incentive to stick to their passion for the most part.

Without those steal cages on NFL players heades lol funny... these monsters would murder each other when they get blind sided.

I actually like to watch Rugby a bit (Football/Soccer) is a bad ass sport though and I can't wait till another World Cup starts. That thread we had going on the old board was awesome, you tought me what and who to watch for. I recorded all the games. I don't know anything about Fifa though. Not sure when the next World Cup starts (look it up in a min.) but I can't wait. I hope the USA. can pull it together, but they seem far behind Spain, Brazil and all the dominant countries. Later ALL!!

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that would be awesome to actually go to the games can't imagine the fights that break out. I saw that schedule hopefully I'll have it on ESPN 2.

What you're talking about last night going to a game w/ 65k fans, is what I try to tell ppl with hppd to do. Just forget about this shit and live. Later man!

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