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What are the typical symptoms of HPPD

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I am starting to believe that what I am experincing might be a slight form oh hppd.


Since drinking alcohol a few nights ago..i do believe my brain chemistry was fragile from iboga 7 I may have "tipped" it over the edge.. my dp has worstened to the point where I feel I have no head, it feels empty and totally detached. When I move my body parts around particularly my arms I cannot sense them at all its like my brain doesnt take in any information about my body in time and space. My surroungdings appear as tho they have lost there grounding and look a bit floaty and spacey. Surroundings appears to be dirty and has a slight green tinge to it. I have lost all and any sense of self, its all completely dissociated rlly severly.


what are the typical symptoms of hppd? I am looking into using JDTic or Suboxone to try to fix this extreme dissociation...what do u think guys?

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It's hard to come up with an exhaustive list. However, for most people, pronounced visual distortions are present. The severity varies between individuals, of course. Often palinopsia ('after-images'), visual snow, star-bursting etc are present. Sometimes also more truly "hallucinogen-like" effects, like patterning on surfaces, stationary objects appearing to "breathe"/move, some 'morphing' of objects etc.


Common "co-morbid" disorders/symptoms are depersonalization, derealization, anxiety, "brain fog" etc.

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