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Need some perspective


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  • 3 weeks later...

During the day, it's easy to not think too much about my symptoms, I can handle them as long as I am in movement.


Considering the self pity and everything, I know that I made a mistake "playing" with drugs. I was taking Methylone everyday, I knew that I'll have problems in a way or another.


But I'm not hard on myself with this, I have many other subjects where I am better in this field.


Try to not read too much about your symptoms, eventually you'll forget them more easily during the day after a week!

Your state of mind with this pathology seems to play a determinant role in the recovery.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Alright qaiphyx. I really do not appreciate your heir of superiority. I do have dp/dr and severe anxiety as well so please do not try and pretend like I am some ignorant kid seeking validation. You still hardly answered my question. I asked specifically about visuals. Not comorbid symptomology. If you would like to discuss that, then I would be more than willing, but if not I suggest you leave it be and let someone else with something of value to participate in this discussion. I have been on this board for quite a while fyi.

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