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Has anyone experienced an increase in compulsive behaviour?

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I've experienced these things to varying extents my whole life, but I'm pretty certain they've gotten worse since developing HPPD.


Without going into much detail, nail biting, picking at scabs and pimples, urges to tense certain parts of my body, knuckle cracking, music playing constantly in my head, etc.


It doesn't bother me a huge amount given that they're not new behaviours, just increased, but I'm doing my best to suppress them for fear of looking odd to others. Just figured I'd throw it out there to see if anyone else has experienced anything similar.



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Yep. Definitely. Straightening my eyebrows, touching my nose, rubbing my scalp.. stuff like that. Guess they're unconscious "reality checks".
edit: I totally forgot about Kava Kava.. I'm gonna order a bunch tomorrow; it's one of the few things that reliably reduce my anxiety. Have you tried it?
edit2; BTW these behaviours are new to me.

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I bought an extract off eBay once and it didn't really do much for me. Since Cymbalta I don't really have the constant, painful anxiety anymore; now it's the anhedonia and generally feeling fucked up that really get to me. I don't know that Kava actively makes one feel good rather than just removing anxiety, so perhaps that's why it wasn't for me, if that makes sense. I tend to get even more anxious if something makes me feel even more disoriented/trippy than I do normally, so the intoxication side of it isn't something I'm too keen on either.


Then again, who knows. People say Kava's effects vary dramatically with different sources, so I might try to find a different supplier at some point. I was just looking into whether or not it interacts with Lamictal (which I should be off within a fortnight anyhow) and found this study likening its effects to those of anticonvulsant mood stabilisers, specifically Lamictal. Interesting!



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