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Mild Hppd or permanent...?


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Hey guys and girls,

I'm a 19 year old who experimented with LSD. It was one tap, a single time, and a low dose. It's been almost two months and I'm experiencing starbursts, at night with traffic lights small halos, an awareness of floaters, visual snow, and after images, my after images are not concrete...I kind of need to make them happen. Strangely, the visual snow has become almost unnoticeable lately. I'm also noticing a slight double vision in dark backgrounds like a smeared sorta to speak. Is there a possibility to recovered for me? Truth be told I'm deeply concerned. I had stopped smoking pot even before I tried LSD. I heard caffeine and alcohol can make it worst. That is really sad because I will miss drinking a beer with my friends while playing poker. It has made an impact in my life. I would like to hear tips, or any advice from you guys. What would you guys make of my situation? Am I for the long one, or do I still have hope...?

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Hello I to got hppd at a young age like you I was 14 and I'm now 15. Based on the fact that you have noticed improvement in the past month I believe that you will most likely experience a full recovery, although this may take anywhere from a month to 5 years. The key to recovery is staying completely sober, for right now I recommend trying valerian root and magnesium as these are the best herbal supplements you can buy for hppd unless you have access to benzos.

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Yeah, you're very lucky to have caught it now. Having only used acid and only once definitely reduces the complexity of your situation, and I'd say most of the people who've reported quicker/more extensive recoveries have been in the same boat. When you've used a bunch of different psychs and research chemicals and stims and smoked weed and so on it definitely makes things a lot less clear cut. It sounds like you're only experiencing the visual shit at the moment which is great - believe you me, that'd be heaven on earth for those of us who've got all the cognitive/mental bullshit as well.


As is logical, do your absolute best to not use any recreational drugs from here on out. That can't be stressed enough. It's really unfortunate, but there are too many cases of people thinking "just once won't hurt" or "surely I can still just use weed" leading to worsened or new symptoms. Some people are fine with caffeine, others aren't at all. If you don't feel weird and awful after a coffee then you're probably fine, though there's definitely no harm in minimising caffeine intake generally. Stay away from the medications reported here to make things worse even if a doctor thinks it'll help; frankly most medical practitioners know shit all about HPPD. If you want some good ol' chemical support, look around at the various recommended vitamins, nootropics, and prescription meds discussed here. If you think you can get by without, then that's definitely best.


Most importantly, keep living your life as best you can, and try not to dwell on HPPD, your misfortune, bad decisions, etc. It's an incredibly easy trap to fall into - HPPD breeds hypochondria like nothing else. The more you think about it and focus on it, the worse it'll seem and the worse you'll feel. Don't give your life to it. It's very easy to just sit around feeling sorry for yourself. Perpetually obsessing over it isn't going to do anything to make it go away, and in all likelihood will make the symptoms last longer. Highly recommend you limit how often you visit this site for this reason. Probably the number 1 cure for HPPD is doing your best to ignore it. 


Finally, y'know, live well, eat well, sleep well, exercise, get sunshine, get laid, you know the deal. 


Best of luck man.

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