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Is there any way to prove I have HPPD and not schizophrenia?

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Anything I could do whatsoever that I would know for sure the things I experience are HPPD and not schizophrenia? they seem to fit into the description of HPPD but a big part of me worries this is more like the onset of schizophrenia. Anyone have any ideas? I act fine, i just have mild visuals like patterns in textured surfaces that change as my perspective does, tracers after moving objects, color distortion in dark environments.

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I have a buddy who is schizophrenic, he is always hearing voices and shit and is paranoid off his ass. He was sent to Green Oaks which is a clinic for psychiatric care because he was talking to......nothing and lost it for a day. If you aren't hearing shit, don't have delusions like you got raped by a goat and he took your wallet and really believe it or aren't paranoid(different from anxiety) off your ass like looking out the windows, you probably don't have it. I am basing this off of my buddy who was a meth addict, fortunately he is in jail right now and that will give him time to try to get his head straight and off the drugs!


I would say yours fits the description of HPPD

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Yeah it could be.

I know the fear and anxiety from HPPD has made me very obsessive, hypersensitive, and less confident... leading me to be terrified of any thought that is out of the ordinary. So instead of taking a CEV, after image, movement in my visual field, or a trippy thought for just what it is I go into a negative loop filled with anxiety because I`m basically thinking "OMG I must be going crazy!"

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Yeah bro, having schizophrenia is like having auditory and visual tourettes. That is basically the proof. If you aren't hearing you are worthless and seeing a picture tell you to hurt yourself(maybe on the extreme side but it happens) you don't have it. Clear that thought. And the truth about HPPD is the visual symptoms we get are not abnormal, there are a ton of people who experience some of what we see at some point in life. We just happen to see these all the time, there are many visual abnormalities and the onset is basically immediate. But I can promise there are people who experience one or more visual that you, me or anyone else here experiences.

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You made another more detailed topic on this exact subject a few weeks ago in which you said you have had over 50 trips on shrooms and acid. Now you have said you get strange visuals, tracers, perspective changes... and all the other stuff that i have been experiencing for what feels like a very long while now. You may get things like after images as well yes? It is the steady onset of HPPD. 


Everyone who has spoken to you on both posts have said that what you are experiencing doesn't sound anything like schizophrenia. Its probably because nothing you have described relates to schizophrenia at all. I really don't know what else to say other than you definitely have HPPD sir.


I recommended some reading to you that addresses YOUR ENTIRE SITUATION within its 300 pages. Including the hallucinated voices you heard (which you correctly identified as hypnagogic hallucinations in your last post - I get those too). As well as drug related hallucinations and even the difference between benign hallucinations and schizophrenic ones (schizophrenia is mentioned particularly in the last 100 pages or so).


For example:

Type 'palinopsia' first into google images right now and look at the tracers... see them? you experience these yes? Now type in 'palinopsia schizophrenia' into the regular google webpage search and see how neither of these are common in schizophrenia... 'Very rare phenomenon in psychotic disorders' to quote the first article that came up when i searched it just a second ago. Also type 'polyopia.'


If you really still believe it is schizophrenia then you should go to see a doctor/neurologist and let them prescribe you with all manner of fucked up chemicals... or you could just read the book i suggested that has actually been written by a neurologist with a history of drug use and find out for yourself that you are deluding yourself and exacerbating a lot of the anxiety and stress your are certain to be experiencing given that you are obviously suffering from HPPD.


If you want to find the book then re-read my last post on your other topic thread:




No offence but its only 300 pages so If you can't be bothered to read something that addresses almost everything you have mentioned then you can't be that worried about schizophrenia.


Good luck fella

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