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rarely think about HPPD anymore


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Back several years ago I used to be consumed by HPPD trying all sorts of things to cure it.    Now, I rarely think about it.   So what's the difference?


Well, no, it's not 'all in your head'; the visual distortions are real and I still have some; and they tend to be aggravated by some stressors.  The difference is that a few years ago I stopped trying to cure HPPD and instead tried the approach of treating myself for OCD.   And, it worked.  Eventually, I stopped constantly thinking about HPPD, got busier in life, and now rarely think about it.  Effectively , took the energy out of it.  And so HPPD symptoms became less prominent in response.  A


t some point the realization is to not let HPPD define your identity.   But it will  if you keep identifying with it!


Hope that helps someone.

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I don´t have any visual HPPD symptoms anymore. I no longer identify with it, as you suggest. But I believe I have some residue, because everything seems fake (mostly people and relationships) even if I´m in reality.

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