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Hello everyone


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Hello all, nice to meet you. Thought i'd introduce myself.

So I've been living with hppd for a while now, the onset was from a dose in November of last year. I have since been completely sober albeit excessive caffeine and nicotine. The first couple months were a living hell, and i didn't even realize what was going on. I thought it could be depression, anxiety, or a mix of many other things. Then i figured it out, which made things even worse as I realized my hopes and dreams are now that much harder to achieve, my mental health is much more fragile, and i was just generally stressed out and depressed with anxiety about this whole thing.

BTW, all the usual symptoms i've seen described here, i'd love to talk to people about it if interested. Anyway it's slowly getting better as I accept this is life now, I just wish i could get rid of this brain fog that hits me every morning and a good chunk of each day. I have mental clearity, if you will, everyday, but then every morning it's back to absolute braindud-fog for many hours, perhaps until the eveing. Could use advice on this. It's been incredibly helpful, perhaps even life saving finding this community and doing my share of lurking around before posting this. Seeing those of you who are living fulfilling lives even with hppd has given me the hope i needed.

I have good days and bad days, but I think i'm slowing noticing improvement (6 months with hppd)

TL;DR Coming to terms here, some advice or just someone in the same boat to talk to seems awesome, and nice to make all your acquaintance.

Never give up, never surrender.

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Welcome to the boards.... there are already some good posts and people here after we unfortunately lost the old server.

I can say from experience that you can still do everything you ever dreamed of, even with the most severe case of hppd. You just need to keep on fighting and striving for the life you want.

All the best, Jay

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