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tramadol and sinemet


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I haven't had time to see my doctor to try gabapentin so I just had him send over my script for sinemet and it works quiet nice with the tramadol. I am waiting on my valiums now and I think I will be good to go! tramadol 100mg morning 50mg late afternoon, sinemet 100/25 1 morning late evening, diazepam 10mg 3x morning, afternoon, late afternoon, 30mg temazepam night. Quiet a bit of stuff lol



superior b complex


4g moringa leaf powder

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3 of those are very addictive meds.... Be careful mate, you don't want even more problems in a few years.

I hear ya, I am more addicted to things I am mentally addicted to/dependant on, and have been on and off valiums quiet a few times with no real big problems same for temazepam, tramadol I know people say it can be very addictive but I don't feel any addiction or habit forming coming from it, sinemet is blah to me. I have come off of 60mg hydrocodone and 2mg subutex which both I was severely mentally addicted and dependant on and after like 10 failed attempts I finally got of of em. Cough syrup with just dxm really help with opiate w/ds tho, that was how I managed to get off subutex the last and final time I tried, its been a month and a half and I am still in the mind set that I can't do anything without my opiated but hopefully that clears up in another month or so! Ty for your concern though! I do plan on getting off valiums and sinemet once I can afford to get gabapentin(that is if gabapentin psychoactive properties work with me which I am sure they will.) Hell if the doctor would just prescribe me 60mg hydrocodone a day I wouldn't have to take any other medication but hydrocodone I could quit all cold turkey with no problem. But not gonna happen

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