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Hello all


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Hey ya'll, I'm Chris. I'm 24 and in the US Navy.


I have had symptoms of HPPD since 2008 with my first ingestion of LSD. I started noticing static on anything white. After a couple more years of infrequent psychedelic use, the symptoms of HPPD worsened. I have probably only ingested psychedelic substances of normal dosages on 10 different occasions. Right now I still see static on anything white, CEVs, and certain contrasts in colors (black and white strips are the worst) will give me strong OEVs. Usually I can ignore everything, but once I start noticing any kind of visuals, they get worse, and I get a strong feeling of anxiety. If I am dehydrated I will start seeing visuals as well.


I have never sought treatment due to the symtoms being manageable and because of my job. I am here to read about other's experiences and to relate to others.

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Welcome Vis.


I hope you will find some good info here... especially on the Dos and Don'ts of the condition ... eg, avoid coffee, nicotine, alcohol, eat healthy, exercise (I guess the navy takes care of that!).

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