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May a minor trip worsen things much?


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Three years ago (when i were 16 years young) i tripped like 5 times over 2 months, I had one bad trip (that got triggered by meating my dad :(  ) and after that i got some hppd, nothing that doubts me at all, its like visual snow and trails from bright objects. Noticeable when i think about it.

Since that ive kept away from any similar drugs.


So today my friend said he wanted to try mushrooms and he wanted me to trip with him as i am experienced. 

So im thinking about eating a small amount (like 10 mushrooms, 25+ is a standard trip.) just to get that level 1 trip.

May this worsen my minor hppd much? Cause even if the symptoms got dobbled it wouldn't really matter very much (I think). But perhaps the fact that my hppd havnt change after 3 years may be worrying?


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should be a given that any psychedelic use can worsen hppd.. even if your brain is screaming at you that you can handle the psychedelic even better now because you're so used to the side effects... theres still the chance. i stupidly kept running back to them after my major major break.. and hell if you walked up to me today and offered syd i can almost guarentee id take it then and there because thats just how i'm wired... but i would harbor no delusions that i wouldnt be paying dearly for taking it afterwards.

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No man.. stick to mellow and safe stuff from now on. There are alternatives (though not psychedelic, you've got enough of that).
My memory is shot so I can't really tell if my post-HPPD drug use worsened it any, but it certainly did not improve it. Don't be pressured by your friend.
Just tell him about your HPPD and that you think it's a bad idea considering your condition. And if he calls you a pussy, when then needless to say ditch him.

Be safe :)

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Listen to the advice..... I wasn't blessed with the internet and the vast knowledge of helpful people when, in about 1993, i was facing the same questions as you.... I'd had some mild hppd that didn't bother me much, then started mushrooms and later MDMA.


Now, 2 decades later, I am still here, tripping like crazy every day and feeling mentally and physically ill.


Treasure your sanity and don't underestimate just how bad this shit can get and the tiny stresses on the brain that can turn it from mild to nightmarish.

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Thanks for all the wisdom! :rolleyes:  Honestly, that was what i needed to start the rational thinking again. Ive change my mind and im not going to take this foolish trip. Talked to my freind today, I told him what some of you here have said, and after that he is cool about taking it without me.

However, when searching all those hppd-forums i found this thing called Piracetam, which apperently had shown some improvments on the visual snow (temporarily), aswell as some effectivness when studying in school and such stuff as concentration. Im abit keen to test this as my school year is about to start next week. 


Off topicly I want to state my appreciation for this forum. The most of the users here got this mutual (sometimes pain in the ass) condition and shares their information about how they cope with it, aswell as their sympathy to eachother. Thats really valuable!

Thank you, and keep up the good work!  ^_^

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