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A question on Clonazepam/Klonopin

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Hello everyone,


I was just wondering why Clonazepam is the benzo of choice for the treatment of HPPD? As in, what properties does this particular Benzo hold that makes  it suitable for HPPD as opposed to other Benzo's such as Xanax, Valium, Nitrazepam etc?


I know Clonazepam has a moderately long half life of up to 50 hours but it got me thinking that a benzo with a longer half life such as Diazepam (up to 300 hours I believe) would be more suited? 


I do know Clonazepam reduces the binding affinity of Seretonin at receptor sites, is this the reason why?


I've experimented with a few different Benzo's post-hppd and it seems that the more anxiolytic Benzos do very little for my visuals and the more hypnotic/sedative Benzos help them a lot. I have yet to try Clonazepam. 

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From my understanding, the benzos with really long half lives are not actually doing anything in the brain, after 12-24 hours. The substance gets stored in fat cells, where it is ineffective (but still in the body).


I've never noticed any difference in effects, in terms of length, between klono and valium.... Xanax, however, you notice it fade after a few hours.

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