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Something I wondered ever since the beginning

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exstasy (sp?) and lsd work different on your brain when using, so I think a lot of the same symptoms occur (both seen as hppd) but since they aren't the same high, I think it would be a different state of mind????just writing down my thoughts

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Yeah, my most unbearable symptom is this constant breathing or shifting in my vision when I stare at something I cannot focus on, I use my phone to do most of my internet browsing because it is small and I can hold it close to my face, therefore, my phone screen will not move and shift on me. Computer screens are the worst, the screen will expand and contract, the lines of text will move back and forth and up and down. There is scheerer's phenomenon all over white backrounds like microsoft word, which I am convinced is my new hell. Funny though, my symptoms will completely go away if I play a game or watch a movie, sheets of paper are not as bad as well. Only time I perceive hppd is when I look at a far wall and stare at it which will start to slowly sway up and down and shimmer, and occasional afterimages, which are atypical I believe, as they are negative and appear as I shift my vision but these ar not just the afterimages that will be in the same place you left them when you shift your vision, mine are like full visual overlays of my last visual staring point made transparent, only light outlines remain. Or at computer screens which are terrible which I have been doing trying to write a term paper for the past 5 hours. When I go out side in sunlight my symptoms dissappear.

From my experience this swaying breathing vision(similar to what I think is characteristic shrooms visuals) is pretty unique to me perhaps others who got them from Shrooms share this though. I know I acquired HPPD from Shrooms.

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