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parkinson drugs and creativity

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They say creative people have higher dopamine activity in some of the same brain areas as schizophrinics. So, thinking outside the box is actually having a leaky box

One perspective I ponder about PD, Sinemet and creativity is overall brain changes ... not just the levodopa. What I mean is this: people with PD have cognitive defects often without knowing it (revealed with specialized neurocognitive testing). So parts of the brain just don't work so well (sounds like HPPD too).

With myself, I've always been very creative but without much ability to develop it (i.e. no talent). After injury, interest in creativity surged - without any dopamine meds. It is almost like I don't have much else left ... this area remains unchanged whereas the 'practical' areas are now sluggish, frustrating.

While in the minds eye I've always imagined 'wild and crazy things' (Steve Martin) but trying to develop ways to express have been too frustrating. Now everything is too frustrating ... so what the heck.

I am not aware of taking dopamine agonist as increasing my creativity. But perhaps it reduces fear of failure (motivation). I do know that immersing in some artistic thing, regardless of lack of talent, I feel better at the time ... somewhere in la la land. Perhaps I am just a wannabe crazy man...

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Im the same way Visual. If I could create half of the shit I see and hear in my brain I think it would amaze people. The only thing HPPD seems to have affected is my mental imagery. I used to have very strong mental imagery, which helps greatly when I write. Now it seems to fluctuate a lot. Not too sure why.

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I believe it. When you are so "shot", like those patients are ......well dopamine is the problem, obviously for them.

Look at how ADD meds have totally changed people's lives. Dr. Oliver Sacks started using L-Dopa (i believe) in the early half of the 20th century, and this is what the movies Awakenings (with Robin Williams and Robert Deniro) was about.

It's amazing how cool that painting is (done by one of the patients).

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