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Hi all, glad to see this place starting to fill up again. The loss of the old forum was a real shame.

I think a medication sub forum is desperatly needed, it was such a great part of the old site and really helped me learn alot about what to consider and, perhaps more importantly, what to avoid.

Who agrees?

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Good to see you post Jay, I miss our football thread :)

I'm sure everybody agrees w/ you. For the most part I just go by memory of what I can recall peeps experience w/ meds were. Unfortunately new members will have no idea of what they were.

Hope you're photography is still going well!!

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I'd love to have that as I have tried (and currently) try many medical techniques...often to no avail and usually with some worsening of symptoms...but I will continue to make attempts-


As you probably know, the trials that were posted on the previous site had people with effects on them all over a range from nothing, good, bad, side effects etc. etc. Though people asked people on the board if they had ever tried or heard of med. abc. This can be helpful, to ask others especially if the answers are predominately on the negative or the positive side to personally decide if you think it is worth putting yourself through a trial.

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Jay that's cool you got tickets to the final. I haven't followed football since the W.C. (being American lol) I don't know what games are that important :)

My Wife and I just got Playoff tickets for the NBA, don't know if you like basketball but it's my favorite sport to watch live.

PPLGotta love your kick back attitude, hope you keep posting and let me know what good football games you think espn might air in America


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