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You're lucky that the dp dr isnt constant keep it that way, eliminate the anxiety. The visuals there are tricks like sunglasses and proper lighting. Mainly you'll have to adjust to them and stay clean (yes even booze for the time being) some here will suggest klono pin but if anxiety isn't the worst symptom then stay away from it. There are other drugs too like sine met which may help the visuals and keppra, although I would ride it out for a bit. Then if your vision is too messed up for you to handle look into the meds. My hppd was always more of the anxiety dp dr fog than the visuals, they never bothered me once the other stuff faded. And it will fade its just a process you'll be fine bro. Welcome

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Looks as if you've got exactly the same symptoms as me (I haven't been diagnosed!). But this has to be HPPD there's no other explanation if there's nothing wrong with your eyes physically, which is like me as well. I've been to the doctors and opticians countless times asking them to look for something wrong with my eyes and found nothing, not even a tumour! Yeah like the guy above said wear sunglasses and stuff to help with the light sensitivity. With the anxiety and dp and dr I'm not too sure about. Anxiety is pretty unpredictable because you can suddenly have an anxiety attack out of nowhere without really thinking about anything bad. But if it ever gets completely unbearable go to your doctor and ask what is best to do. e.g. Psychiatrist or just a councillor etc. Don't let it get you down, there's a vast amount of people in the same situation as you and me which is something to feel a lot better about. Plus you can just put all your worries on the website and people will be glad to offer advice! Welcome as well :)

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Thanks to the both of you for the advice its really appreciated and nice to talk with people going through similar kinds of symptoms,

I will be honest i am not a sunglasses kind of guy. It would look more weird If I started wearing them.

I study in a lot of brightly light white walled science labs which as you can imagine makes the visual side of things strong.

I have to say the dp/dr has been getting worse of late and this isn't completely down to the anxiety. Of course if i am more anxious then the dp/dr will be stronger.

I would like to try a possible medicinal treatments, I have had a read around the site and know for sure I will stay away from any of the benzo type drugs that a doctor/physician might like to treat me with. I don't need these any I am convinced these would make me dopey, I still have a clear mind! Its just the visual, dp/dr side of things I need a help with.

The reason I am typing on this website is that I think it is beginning to get to an unmanageable level. What do you guys use to treat yours or at least help with the symptoms.

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Well honestly if you want my opinion on the matter, going cold turkey and riding it out is the best option and the only chance of full recovery. I remissed once and was hppd free only after I stopped treating it. Yeah it took 8 months but if I didn't eat k pins it would have been sooner as is proof with my relapse. I'm 2 months in and feel 75% which is quicker than last time. Honestly if you are at a wall I would suggest painkillers over benzos, benzos work but I think painkillers are treating the problem, which is a destroyed dopamine system. They are your best bet since you get them on the street and until you get a doc who will consider keppra or sine met that's the only route for fast relief. I took a vitamin regimen that helped of fish oil, l tyrosine, Sam e, theanine, multis, and had good success. How long into hppd are you? If under 6 months I'd say wait it out and stay away from pot even sec hand or booze.

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Welcome to the forum jaydog.

I would suggest painkillers over benzos, benzos work but I think painkillers are treating the problem, which is a destroyed dopamine system.

As far as I know, that is just a theory by some users on here, not a medically backed up theory

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Well jay there is a clinic in Texas treating hppd with Vicodin and other opiates, I myself had a tooth abcess and took painkillers before I knew what hppd was and had it. At the time of being on the pills I though everything was from the abcess in reality once I stopped the painkillers the visuals increased and the dp dr. Is it a cure, no, and dhould be taken cautiously. Honestly they are less addictive than benzos and I had better results with them as benzo make hppd worse when you stop. Honestly though there are no established treatments for hppd, everything is hearsay, even Abraham. So I'm just going by experience and Zachary seif the guy who mentioned the clinic, ironically the same guy who cured his hppd through deep brain stimulation. My other friend has had more acid in his life than half the board combined and has always been addicted to opiates, ironically he has never even had a flashback. There's a correlation and if hppd is dopamine related then opiates are the next best thing to sine met, which in may opinion is more dangerous. Anyway I'm not saying it'll work or to do it, just that I think it's better from my experience than benzos and that if you had to take something go with them. I feel no drugs is the best as I said. There's 1 in 2 of us that remiss naturally, myself included. Granted everyone's is different by cause, but I think intensity is universal

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Thanks mike, I have had Hppd for at least a couple of years now but it was less intense in the earlier days or maybe I didn't notice it as much.

I was an extremely heavy weed user say 1g a day easy and I guess this got me through the days, I would use it to cover up my problems, sometimes I would be soo numb I wouldn't even notice it.

I have read some articles on CBD having a possible calming effect so maybe this lessened my symptoms as CBD stays in your system longer than THC.

I have completely quit weed altogether don't smoke any of it which is maybe why there is an increase in symptoms, I was cutting down gradually during the summer months and have now been off weed fully for about a month I think.

I know this will take time but I do believe there are positive steps I can take to guide myself in the right direction.

Obviously I would like to stay away from all drugs as they have the potential to cause further damage. There is no point changing from one poison (i.e weed) to the likes of benzos.

I have ordered some Gingko Biloba and Valerian Root from my local holland and barretts. I am finding I sleep quite well at night although I do seem to wake at least once and then have to fall asleep again.

Have just bought myself a bike which I use regularly and I already do some light weights, crunches etc. I also eat very healthily, cook all my own meals. Plenty of fresh fruit and veg.

Hello to you Jay1 too, I have read some of the articles you have posted on this forum, very useful, thank you. I study pharmaceutical science so have some idea as to the drugs prescribed for treatment. However I don't wish to go down the route of covering it up. The only possible medicine I liked was the (CCB) Calcium Channel Blocker. I would be keen to try this over a short period of time to see its results on my symptoms however as I am already using a beta blocker I would have to be extremely cautious with this use.

Anyway all this is just my thoughts, I intend to study this subject in great detail but know that I must also try not to focus on my HPPD and try and enjoy myself.

Im at Uni and while I am good at socialising it can be difficult from time to time when all people seem to do is go out drinking.

Thanks for that info mike, that would seem to make some sense. As I believe the route cause of HPPD is over sensitivity and activity in certain areas of the central nervous system.

I actually wrote an email to the Visual Snow website they are holding some tests in California and are looking for patients. I have asked them for further information, (when its happening, the cost etc)and have explained that I am from Ireland (they do take international patients) hopefully they will get back to me shortly. I will have some student funds which I would be more than happy to use for the trip if I thought it would be worthwhile for myself and other sufferers.

I am seeing a doctor friday week, (soonest date I could get home). So I will just have to stick it out until then. Hopefully they will be able to get me a referral for a physician or neurologist. I know this could take another three months. What would you guys advise, do you have counsellers?

once again thank you all, I look forward to speaking with you shortly

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I've tried a few things that might work on the calcium channel (but mainly sodium), the best one being lamictal... it helped my dp/dr and maybe even visuals. Had to stop it due to getting a rash though.

Thanks Jay, i appreciate any input. I suppose I can't really do anything now apart from keeping my mood up and staying as healthy as I can until I speak with a doctor.

I will let use know how it goes

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The lamical rash huh, yeah lamical is the main thing for dp dr from what I've read lately from London university (damn Brits at least have done something right;) as for the pot, it should be known that's the leading cause of acute dp dr and smoking it definitely was prolonging your hppd. I mean secondhand pot retriggered hppd for me, as hard to believe as that is. I'm over sensitive to every drug though. Luckily not as severe but definitely pot is a no no, booze is debatable. I think you should count the days of being off everything as hppd because you were still smoking pot in the onset. Try the ginkgo It helped me with the tinnitus greatly and valerian tea works better than klono if prepared right. You'll be fine and if you have to mask symptoms than do it, it's the best thing if you aren't showing any progress. Be patient anything under 5 years is likely going to pass even over that is possible and I'm sure you vets have had improvements as well, hang in there and find a good counselor and neurologist it will help to know there's people that are willing to treat you, but make sure you're in control stay away from anti depressants though.

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yea, dont rush into meds.... eat well, stay clean and excercise. The 3 simplest rules to feel better.

and when i say eat well.... I don't just mean keep the lettuce on your KFC :D ... maybe i'll post some nutrition advice. Getting pretty clued up, these days.

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Thanks guys, yeh if you could post some nutritional advice jay that would be great! Yeh I have no need for anti-depressant I am in a much better place now than I was mentally when smoking the weed. Not depressed at all and I can still cope with mental tasks thats why I say I want to avoid any benzo type medicines that might cause dopeyness.

Can I ask what sectors you guys work in? its no probs if u don't want to answer. Just interested to see to jobs other people who suffer from this do. I am having to deal with this while trying to get a Degree and I am hoping it won't have too big an effect.

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Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this I really do appreciate any comments/advice/questions.

Nice to have you join us. You actually sound like you have resolved (or at least leveled off) some of the emotional stuff --- you sound positive and enthusiatic. So I'll adventure some opinions for you.

An underlying issue seems to depend on lighting. Don't be shy about the sunglasses. It may just be paliative ... or it may actually help you to get better in the long run.

As I am one who has responded to dopamine increasing meds, there is a bias to encourage trying them. There is also an underlying basis (clue) regarding your case in that you did coke and amphetamines - which strongly affect dopamine systems and are well known medically to cause lasting alterations.

In your symptom list, most items may involve dopamine and match my experiences. For example, dopamine agonists improved acuity (sharpness). This also happened to another member (Merkan) who saw the ships in the oceans blury but now can clearly read their names. Lighting was a big problem for me ... it got 50% better in a few days and over the last couple years it is minor now. I do wear sunglasses in bright light still because it helps me to see in dark light quicker ... I can take more med to get the same result, but why do it if sunglasses work?

Everyone is different. A couple members reported DP/DR improving and then haven't been back (happy we hope). Merkan had DP for 5 years it gradually left within an hour of his first dose. However, dopamine hasn't touched DP/DR for myself. You list this as an occational symptom.

There are a number of dopamine increasing drugs. They tend to be stimulating - so they won't make you drowsy. Sinemet works the best for me. A few members have been helped with it. Some have not. Some feel a tiny effect. And a couple felt anxiety or slowed heart (for me it reduces anxiety). Your shaking and rapid heartbeat are interesting - would you describe further?

Sadly there is no magic bullet. And it would seem that there is less than 50% chance of this working. But they are not benzos and tend to be safer than most drugs.

Do you find it takes a lot of time to adjust from bright light to low light?

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I'm a student, former marine ( a shitty one), and my last job was at a police station. Currently I am trying to start a private security/military firm with my ex boss who was a navy seal. I got no time for hppd most days, but at night when I'm alone, it creeps up on me. I can honestly say hppd dp dr is worse than living on Parris island, and that's saying a lot. I'm a remisser though like I said and have never had an abundant use of drugs, maybe that's why, although all my symptoms matched even the worst on this site. So don't let the amount scare you hppd is a triggered event, not cumulative IMO. I never had the guts to try sine met I was offered it by dr Abraham himself, I made the right decision. I like knowing I have a back up plan in some met if it doesn't work then I have no outs but evil k and painkillers.

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Ok to start, I stupidly went out last night had lots of beer to drink, has wrecked my head today. I guess that will be the biggest challenge for me. Avoiding drinking even if it is only once a week or month. But of course as I am at Uni and in Ireland, this makes up a big part of what people do while there socialising.

I do want to find new activities to do but a lot of the physical ones increase the symptoms of my visuals and anxiety.

I will give up the drinking thou as its a must really if I want to get better and it makes the mental/emotional side of this soo much worse the next day. With included increase in visual snow.

Thanks Jay for the food info, the foods you suggest are along the lines of what I usually eat. But there's a few new foods there I will have to try.

I have been watching what I eat lately anyway to try and lose some weight. Not massively overweight weigh 13 stone should probably weigh 11.5/12.

Try and turn some of this fat into muscle.

Hello Visual and Mike, nice to hear from you both. Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed messages.

Yes i agree that lighting has a big effect on visuals, the only reason I haven't chosen to wear sunglasses would be the increase (or perharps no increase but just more noticeable) visual snow/ light sensitivity when I take them off.

I think your right with the dopamine meds too, not sure yet as to what I will go for.I need to have a better understanding of these before I choose which ones to take. Its great that I already have an interest in this as I study pharmaceutical science.

I am considering taking one or maybe a couple of these, all available from Holland & Barretts

L-Troysine precursor to dopamine

L-Cartinine good for hypertension

might avoid sinemet for now, like you say if you can avoid meds then probably best.

as for the rapid heartbeat and shaking. heart beats a lot faster due to anxiety, anxiety brings about some hypertension,i feel like head is tightening, and i can feel my arms shaking a bit, i feel flustered and dp/dr can kick in.

and yes it does take me a few seconds to adjust fully from bright to low light and the other way around.

Thanks mike, I think I will avoid meds for as long as I can.

I suppose I only quit weed about a month ago and had smoked for long time. Would love to get a test to tell what the levels of THC and CBD are like in my body now. I know some will be present naturally.

What do you guys think about 5HTP??

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I heard good things about 5 htp, but of you want to know my regimen, which had helped a lot here it is. 400mg of Sam e, 1000-3000 mg of l tyrosine (that's what I think u meant to say as that's the precursor to dopamine), 200-600 mg of l theanine, a good multi, 240 mg of ginkgo biloba, valerian root tea, triple strength fish oil 4 pills a day, and ibuprofen for pain, was allergic so went to Tylenol works well too, it was expensive but brought results by the end of the month, I feel 75% better, but mindset is key, as is no drugs. Honestly jay you are early into hppd, stay clean from booze and ESP pot, you can drink when you remiss, I never had booze bring it back, yet take it easy when you do start to drink. Honestly I miss drinking, but I miss normal more. Don't drink while you have it! You have already seen what it does to the majority of us. Try the vitamins they cant hurt, and set goals for yourself besides getting better, from my experience, remissing only happens when you aren't looking or waiting for it. Realistically a year is a good time to expect, but you will improve it never gets worse once its triggered unless you add drugs and stress. Acceptance is key, and the world is the same, you're just sick, don't ever feel like there's no hope because it doesn't matter, you can live regardless with or without hppd, life has problems even without it. You're gonna have to make a new reality as I put it, and then the world will fall back into place.

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cheers for the input mike.

I will go to the doctor in the morning of friday, trying to be positive about that but I know I will probably come away feeling they haven't understood me.

Trying to write down symptoms so I can remember what all to tell them. Also consider printing off the short conclusion to Dr Abrahams most recent study.

But at the same time don't want to seem like im preaching at them because I really just want them to refer me.

Probably getting my blood tested to wouldn't be a bad idea. See if anythings noticeably low.

and your right I did mean L-Tyrosine.

I will buy some fish oil pills, 5htp, L-Tyrosine, L-Cartinine and possibly a few things on friday.

I already have Ginkgo Bilboa and Valerian Root waiting at my house.

Its nice to hear you say im early into HPPD, I could have had it for at least 2 but possibly as long as 4years, these years are a bit of blur in my life.

But yeh I will stay off the booze, I have incredible willpower these days, completely off cigarettes and weed basically all crisps, sugary foods, sweets.

Mates are quite surprised by this. And I am sticking to my exercise plan which helps a lot I must say, reduces tension.

Situations I would have usually avoided I jump into even when it feels uncomfortable.

Have to say today was a good day at college, things have started relax a lot more and stress which increased noticeable symptoms have reduced.

Ok I will give us another update again on friday after I visit the doctors!

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Yeah I didnt mean early in the sense you've had 4 years, that's long, but I meant since stopping pot and booze, that's the real hppd, your body without anything being fucked. Again I'll give you an idea what they're gonna say, they're going to be clueless, I'm in Boston where the best hospitals are and I've only found one doctor besides abraham who has a clue. As for stress... Hppd is undoubtedly affected by stress, the more stress, the more static, and worse dp dr if you let it go to far. Stress free and sleep is the best med although stress free is impossible you have to deal with it properly is all. Good luck I'm having a weird night really good symptoms gone all day now a little anxiety and boy look at the colors, take it easy were here.

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So I have now been to my local doctors surgery. It was a young male doctor, but he was understanding enough.

I explained the symptoms (visual snow, floaters, halos around objects, anxiety, mild to strong panic attacks, dp and dr) and I told him my eyes where fine and I had regular (every 6 months) check ups with my opticians as I wear contact lenses, I told him I thought it was probably to due with my previous substance use.

He did a quick check of my eyes and agreed that there probably wouldn't be anything wrong with my eyes as opticians are usually quite good, but he is referring me to the ophthalmology department at the hospital in my city to have a detailed examination. (I am happy enough with this as they are known to be highly skilled.)

(Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that deals with the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eye. An ophthalmologist is a specialist in medical and surgical eye problems.)

Then he said if that all comes back clear then we could think about referral to pyschology for CBT or possibly Neurology.

Obviously I would like to go down the route of a neurologist but maybe some CBT wouldn't be a bad idea either.

The problem now is I live away from home in south of Ireland whereas I am from northern ireland, so like 3hr trip each way to get there and back but if I cures or lessens my symptoms at all then it will be well worth it.

Keeping positive about it and I will just follow the steps to get to my end goal.

Still training and eating healthy, great being home for the weekend can get a proper heavy session in my home gym.

I have just recieved some Valerian Root and also

Neurozan in the post

Its made up of Vit B1 B2 B6 B12 D3, Folic Acid, Zinc, Iron, Phosphatidylserine, L-Arginine, 5-HTP, Ginkgo Biloba, Co-Q10

and today I will buy L-Carnitine, L-Lysine & Taurine.

I would again like to thank all those who have posted in reply to me and to all those on this forum. Without your advice and suggestions I have no doubt I would be in a much worse off place.

I will keep use lot updated with my progress! Peace for now

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