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HPPD Annual Conference

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More information to come.

Tentative Dates: May 16-18.

Events to include Lectures and Support Meetings.

Location: Marlboro College

The Marlboro College campus is located among the foothills of the Green Mountains in the small town of Marlboro, Vermont. Originally adapted from two dairy farms, the 300-acre campus is the image of rural New England with its white-clapboard buildings and apple trees.

Despite the campus’ seeming remoteness, Marlboro students are not cut off from the rest of the world. The vibrant town of Brattleboro, Vermont, with a population of 12,000, is located 20 minutes from the college. Brattleboro was listed as one of the “Top Ten Art Towns” with populations less than 30,000 in the book The 100 Best Art Towns in America, with many galleries, music venues, book shops, cafes and restaurants to experience. Mother Earth News magazine named Brattleboro one of "Eight Great Places You’ve Never Heard Of." Marlboro College Graduate School provides technology-related professional training for the regional community at our modern facility in Brattleboro.

While some students choose to bring cars to campus, many others find it just as easy to take the Marlboro College van, the public Moover bus or carpool to and from Brattleboro or beyond. Marlboro is only 30 minutes from the Appalachian Trail, 20 minutes from Mount Snow ski resort, and 50 minutes from Bennington, Vermont, or Northampton, Massachusetts. The college is also 90 minutes from Hartford, Connecticut (the nearest airport), two-and-a-half hours from Boston and four hours from Montreal and New York City.

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Thx, David.... You've always done so much for us suffers. But I'm sure you're just as frustrated as me, that more doctors ect.. haven't taken more of a medical interest in atleast making hppd more bearable!!!

Prob a negative reply/ but you more than anybody feels where I'm coming fromsad.gif

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Well it looks like I might not be able to make this one. I start work on the 16th. If it was on the weekend or before that monday the 16h it'd be fine. Is that where you study David?


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Yes, I am completing my Bachelors Degree at Marlboro College. The details of my major course work is listed below. I will be presenting my comprehensive HPPD paper, published, and will be reviewed by an outside examiner with the text (300 pages currently) and an extensive oral examination to complete graduation. I have all course work completed.

Although not confirmed by my faculty but definitely an exciting and tremendous opportunity: I have asked Dr. Henry David Abraham to be my outside examiner for this plan, and the response was it would be his honor.

This would coincide with graduation, and I would seek permission to use the lecture halls and other rooms during that period. This would be a small gathering, but a first of suffers to have a change to meet others and to organize a structure to base a full structured conference and also develop traditions for a fellowship for support groups that may meet once every month in a region (or perhaps even every 6 months).

I also work at the Brattleboro Retreat (www. in a dedicated Substance-abuse and Dual-diagnosis unit. My job is to assist the treatment team by meeting one on one with patients assigned to me, and also facilitate group sessions. I do have the ability to discover and suggest to the M.D. if I suspect a diagnosis of HPPD in a pt.. I do have plans for after graduation, but these are private discussions at the moment.

Students and medical staff around this area interested in participating can volunteer to help with housing and other donations.

I am seeking interest.

I will write more about my plan in a different post.


Plan Details for David Kozin

Record for Marlboro College BA (1/20/2009)

Field of Study



PLAN SUMMARY: An examination of the methodologies, protocols, and processes for biomedical, social, and statistical research in the creation of a valid and stable psychiatric diagnosis.


Title Weight Grade Type Paper: Deconstructing a Diagnosis: Review of hallucinogen persisting perception disorder and the research methods to support the creation of new and valid diagnostic criteria40

ProjectJournal: Inside Perspective of Biopsychology Research20

OtherPaper: The Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogens20

OtherExamination in Perceptual Psychology10

Examination & Other Independent WorkExamination in Psychopharmacology10

Examination & Other Independent Work

No Examiners on File

Courses Taken On Plan

Course # Title Grade Credits Transfer On Plan 2010-11/SpringNSCNeurobiology of Vision Disorders



SSCResearch Methods for Psychology and Psychophysics*6

SSCCurrent Trends of the DSM-V*4

2009-10/SpringSSCChronicling Research at a Psychiatric Research Hospital*6

SSCAnnotated Bibliography of Hallucinogen-induced Disorders*6


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Wow, that's a lot of work for a Bachelors. Its obviously something that is meaningful to you because I'm sure its not required. That's great you're working so closely with Dr. Abraham. I don't think I'll make it for your graduation/conference however I will be in NH during the summer. It would be nice to meet you if it convenient at some time.



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