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hello everyone! allow me to introduce myself....


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I am certainly more empathetic towards other people and seem to be able to pick up on people's moods more easily than before hppd... I have had this since I was a teen though, so maybe it is just part of the growing up process?

I certainly think that hppd has some benefits though... empathy, more in tune with nature, eager to help, less ego

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yes exactly! I can't really go past a plant anymore without being deeply aware of it's life energy. it's kind of a cool feeling. sometimes I'll get the notion that I can feel what they're feeling though. same with animals, and people as I mentioned before. logic dictates that this is ridiculous, but it seems real. what is that whole thing about anyway?

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logic dictates that this is ridiculous

western logic dicates that is ridiculous... Most other cultures would not think you are crazy for saying you had an understanding with plants and animals, they would encourage it.

That's half the battle, i think.... I might just go live in the jungles somewhere :D

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