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liver flush

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anyone tried a liver flush? Meant to make you feel fantastic. I sometimes think hppd is related to impaired detoxification, hence the benefit from acetyl cysteine.

Aint that really expensive?

Also i've heard theories about kidney disfunction which means basically a "dirty" system. Someone also said that he thought the kidneys were constantly pumping out adrenaline, maybe that would explain abnormal activity in the visualcortex /the occipital lobe.

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<p>dont think its expensive, just the cost of malic acid, epsom salts, olive oil and lemons. The colonic irrigation seems like an optional extra. The science of it looks like bollocks, the 'stones' that are expelled are probly just congealed olive oil. However, stimulating your liver like that may still be beneficial. It's not a case of being sober, but of the liver's ability to get rid of all the crap your body produces/absorbs.</p>

<p>I dont think adrenaline by itself would cause visual disturbance, but sure to be part of the anxiety symptoms. Also adrenals are not part of the kidneys. Still, these things may be linked in unexpected ways (hormonal or nervous).</p>

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there is one prob i think there are a few studys that flashbacks yes iam talking about flashbacks not about a persiting perception disorder arent caused by chemicals that were saved in your body. your body has metabolized the toxics very quick and there are no places like kidneys or the liver where it is saved. if this would be the cause a simple drug test would be positive and i guess it wont^^

so if the cause would be found in the Kidney or liver the only possibility would be a hormonal dysfunction which also would show up in a bloodtest.

the cause is found in our brain and not anywhere else in our body i think thats a fact we can trust.

so maybe we should try a brain flush^^ sorry for this joke if you want to try do it maybe iam wrong and i dont want to be the reason for not gettin cured^^

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