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Treatment Hppd

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Hi, I've been from Russia for two years Hppd. 
I wanted to know how you treat him, your medicine is better. 
Symptoms: visual snow, squeak in the ear, rare panic and anxiety, visual distortions - such as tracking moving objects, flickering points on peripheral vision

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Hi, the main meds people seem to get relief with are 

1) Benzos (be careful, they are addictive).

2) Keppra

3) Lamictal 

Also, it is good to eat healthy food, exercise, remove stimulants like caffeine and try to remove stress from your life. 

Good luck, Jay

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Данека, а эти препараты доступны в России, особенно после санкций?  Вы вообще пробовали какие-нибудь лекарства, отпускаемые по рецепту?  Я родился в Москве, но живу в США.

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