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Should I wait or tackle it immediately? Very mild hppd.

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Hello guys, I'm new here. I'm a 20 years old male. A week ago I took 37.5µg 1T-LSD and 90mg DXM, so a small mixed dose, because I wanted to try LSDXM. About a week before I had also taken 37.5µg and another week before that 150µg. I didn't have any symptoms the first two times, only after the last time with DXM (which I also used on its own 2 times without symptoms). I took all of this in a relatively short period of time (i was very depressed).

Here's the thing: I only have very mild symptoms. As far as visual symptoms go, I only have tracers and mild visual snow (so that I only see it in the dark and even then only slightly). The thing that bothers me the most is the random anxiety, which I only have 2-3 times a day (especially in the evening). I can sleep fairly well, only minor difficulty.

Now for the interesting thing: Before I started using LSD and DXM, I was depressed and had difficulty doing even the simplest things. Since the last week and the minor HPPD symptoms, I have become much more motivated and have started exercising and eating healthy. Still, I have certain fears, I have this feeling that I'm missing a little piece of my personality. The fear in the evenings is particularly bothersome to me.

Now to my question: Should I just wait and see if it goes away in the next few days/weeks? Or should I best nip it in the bud and take Lamotrigine (lactimal), for example? Would that make sense with such low symptoms? Would that even be the best idea? I can cope with the minor visual symptoms, but I find the “feeling off” and anxiety extremely unpleasant.

Thank you very much for reading!

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I'd 100% wait for at least a several weeks unless you are in a really bad way. All the meds for HPPD are pretty strong and have side effects... You'll also muddy the water of understanding your baseline and how you improve naturally.

Carry on the exercise and eating healthily, try to de-stress in any way that works for you (tv, films, gaming, walks in nature etc). Avoid drugs, of course, but also try to limit things like caffeine, nicotine etc 

If and when you recover from this, it might be tempting to try these drugs again, especially if it helps your depression, but I would be very, very wary... Mild HPPD can very quickly become life altering, living hell HPPD.

Good luck with your recovery and please keep us posted on how you get on. 

All the best, Jay


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Thanks for your advice!

I just have two more questions: How bad would it be if I only took clonazepam to calm me down when I'm very anxious? So by no means every day, only in an “emergency”. This doesn't have any negative impact on my recovery, right?

And: How can I stop thinking about it 24/7?

Thank you!

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I think occasional use for anxiety is probably fine at this point. Just be very aware that it will feel like a cure and you will want to do it more and more!

Re: thinking about it all the time... The first thing to keep in mind is that most people recover. Especially when their visuals are mild. Anecdotally, from the hundreds of people I have DM me, I would say you have above 90% chance of recovering fully within the next few months, probably quite a bit sooner, so hopefully just that knowledge alone can put your mind at ease a bit. Other than that, distractions are your friend... as I said, tv, films, gaming, gym, sports... whatever it takes! 

If you work or are at school/college, can you take some time off? Anything that will limit stress and allow for time to distract could be helpful (though maybe you find work/school/college a distraction, in which case, carry on).

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