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About topical hemp cream?

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Hi all! 

New here, and I'm probably going to ask some dumb questions. 


To be honest, I'm probably in the ssri/visual snow camp. I've never smoked weed except a single puff from a low dose from a friend which was years before symptoms. I've never done acid or any other recreational drugs. The only ssri I was on was Prozac for several years, which I think is the most probable culprit. However, I did start to use a hemp cream sold by the body shop, most of a bottle. I started using more of it when I began having intense stomach pain, at the time it maybe was dumb to lather it on but I thought it wouldn't affect me. I really only lathered it on a lot once.


That said, I was curious about a few things - there's a lot of overlap obviously between the surviving antidepressants group with visual snow and hppd.

Is it even possible to get neurological effects of weed from the hemp cream I bought from the body shop? The same timeframe I started taking ssris, got appendicitis, and had neck pain (not in that order lol). Thus I'm mostly thinking the ssris are the culprit but I'm curious for opinions on whether the hemp cream might contribute? Maybe a combination? It wasn't obviously the next day to show symptoms as far as I remember.


Maybe it's silly, but knowing that it could be drug induced gives me a bit more hope that it could go away. I stopped using the cream several months ago and haven't touched it since out of fear. My symptoms are not comparably severe but it still bothers me a lot that the sky is full of bfep/afterimages and the sadness of that is driving depression and dp/dr.


My story is: In the beginning of January I walked out of my apartment one morning and noticed the sky flashing a few weeks after turning 30 (turns out to be bfep). I was going through intense occasional stomach pain that turned out to be appendicitis. Quickly started having eye strain, afterimages and a very light static. It drove me insane, and very very depressed.

I've tried a lot of things, including just starting visual therapy, seeing optometrists and counselors since I pretty much couldn't work for a few months between the pain and dread. My eyes are constantly strained and working has become intense. In general things have improved a lot as I'm not crying on the floor daily anymore but the bfep/eye strain and afterimages haven't changed a bit. Currently working on tapering off Prozac.


Thoughts appreciated! 

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Hey, welcome to the forum. There's no such thing as a dumb question when it comes to health, ask away!

Hemp products have zero effect on your disorder, so no worries there. Maybe the slight anxiety of using something that you were unsure of increased your symptoms a bit. 

I think getting off prozac will probably help a lot..

Good luck, Jay!

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