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My name is Helena and i am 32 years old. Three months ago during my second trimester my Visual Snow Syndrome symptoms started. 

Well it got diagnosed by a dokter as VVS, while she googled the symptoms and its very obvious. 

The symptoms are for me really deliberating, because i cannot do my job, or study or enjoy small things in life.

Non visual symptoms started a year ago: somatic/screaming tinnitus.

Three months later tremors in my legs.

Three months ago: 

+ Palinopsia;

+ Vertigo;

+ Afterimmages;

+ Glare;

+ Sensitivity to light;

+ Static (during day and night/inside or outside)

+ All the phenomena, floaters etc.

+ Derealiasation;

+ Headdaches;

+ Colours are brighter, especially outside;

+ Eye strain;

+ Blurry vision;

+ Static when i close my eyes; 

+ In ability to find the right words;

+ when i walk everything in my surrounding is in slowmotion and it moves; 

+ No colourful hallicunations,;

+ vivid dreams; 

I have spoken to some nice people and iam in doubt if it is VSS. I know its the same treatment for now, but i like to know.


I never used any drugs, weed, cannabis. 

But 6 years ago i took dexafetamine 2,5 evry day for my adhd. (For a year)

Later i took zoloft a 150 mg each day for a year, later i tapperd off to 50 mg a day.  I stopped a year ago, because my tinnitus started. Later i took clonazepam 0,5 once a week for some relief during this time, but i stopped when i found out i was pregnant. I also tried Mirtazapine for 5 days, a low dose, then i tapperd off. This all was 8 months ago.

I did have covid during my pregnancy. 


So could my symptoms be VSS or HPDD related, i heard it can also come because of SRI,s, can it go away then? 






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Hi Helena, welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing.

I would say that your case is more likely to be VSS and I think you will have more success with doctors if you describe it as such. There is a case to be made that the ADHD med caused this though, amphetamines could potentially cause HPPD, though it seems rare (anecdotally).

From what I have read though, the treatments, triggers and overall advice seems to be pretty much the same for VSS and HPPD, so the info you find on the forum will be relevant. 

And yes, it can definitely go away... There are plenty of success stories on this site, and I get a lot of DMs letting me know that people have got better over time. It's something that often seems to go away after a few months. 

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