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Is this just HPPD?

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I did LSD in November and freaked out for a little bit, very intense but only lasted about a week, went to the doctor about the anxiety issues and got prescribed Fluoxetine (Prozac). The next three weeks were great, I had some dissociation and floaters but I was doing fine, ignoring or accepting anything that arose. Fast forward to about three to four weeks after I started the Prozac, I started feeling off. It slowly progressed into intense derealization, insomnia, and paranoia that I had something terribly wrong with me. I was either schizophrenic, or had an astounding case of early-onset dementia. After a week I also got through that, but the depersonalization didn't go away, and I also started having intense VS in the dark as well as tinnitus, CEV, and general aura-like effects especially while fatigued. I was sure at that point that I had HPPD. Eventually the awful derealization came back (I'm going through it once again) and the anxiety is the worst it's ever been. I can't believe any of this is happening to me, I spend the whole day looking up symptoms and feeling like I have some kind of neurodegenerative disorder. Symptoms that concern me particularly are confusion, feeling like I have a popping sound in my head that gets worse with other noise, shaking/tremor, and muscle spasms. If it weren't for these, I'd probably be able to convince myself that it's just HPPD.

Instead I feel like I'm going to go crazy or die. My main question is: do you guys think this still aligns with HPPD? But feel free to share any other thoughts. After this post I'm going to try to stop obsessing as much but I felt inclined to ask others who've had the condition.

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I think there's more possibility of it being linked to the prozac, or it is a combination of both. The timing is almost exactly the timing when an SSRI starts to "work". Also, the initial three weeks where you felt ok, the prozac would have been doing nothing, which makes me think you were naturally recovering. 

I would strongly suggest going med free and seeing where your baseline is (Speak to your doctor, of course). I am absolutely baffled as to why they put you on such a medication after one week of anxiety, unless you were already suffering from that before the trip?

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I completely agree with Jay. I took Prozac for a little while years ago. (I already had HPPD though.) I guess I must have mentioned that I was depressed and some doctor put me on it. I thought it would be a good med for me to take because my mom had/has been on it for many years and it really worked for her, so I just assumed it would work for me. I got a lot of the same symptoms. I also had dissociation, felt weird, and for some reason decided to give myself a haircut that was so terrible I had to shave my head! After that I stopped taking it, needless to say. I swear, I think SSRI’s are poison. 

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