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Severe symptoms and klonopin skedule

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It has been my intent after recently start klonopin again to follow Jays dosing skedule / on four days on 3 days off etc to not build dependence or tolerance etc 

However, I am finding symptoms on "off days" especially when heading to bed way to extreme, brutal and generally torturous.. like I don't know if I can do it / handle it. Generally up until 3 am engulfed in the most vivid shit you can possibly imagine.. 

Anyhow, a bit concerned as 

1) seriously disturbed without the K pin and finding it unbearable. 

2) the possibly of taking K pin more frequently to assist in managing, and do my best to not get up to a too higher dose, use it respectively as to not build a tolerance etc. 

I know other sufferers use it on a day to day basis..

Any thaughts ? 



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Everyone reacts to substances differently.

If you feel klonopin makes your life more bareable, and the other schedule isn't doing it for you, first read up on just how addictive kpin is and how bad the withdrawals are. If you still feel it's worth it, then going through a doctor perhaps begin taking it daily.

When you do take it, what is yoyr typical dose?

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Cool sure im aware of the highly addictive nature and worse withdrawals from kpin.

About four months ago I was on a very high dose of kpin / 6 mills per day.

I had to do a monitored detox in hospital for four days and nights for severe withdrawals / insane cold turkey.

Was taking it for for approx 1 year and 3  months though for the last four months around 6 mills per daily.

Withdrawals lasted approx 6 weeks or more. 

Have been clean for approx 2 - 3 months though suffering very badly due to the intensity of hppd and dp. 

Maybe this is partly due to the trauma of abrupt withdrawal and additional high stress ?

Have just started the kpin again over the past week.

O.5 - 1 mil daily . No more than that. 

Thanks Cheers 

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Be aware that with this on and off using, you might get into what is called "kindling". I suggest you some reading on benzobuddies.org, everything is perfectly described on that forum. I am in protracted withdrawal btw., I was a short-time user, but I still ended up in the hospital and later in protracted withdrawal, as I did not go through the proper taper according to Ashton Manual (stupid doctors as usual).



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@Spartan I'm not surprised you ended up in the hospital. You can't stop benzos cold-turkey, EVER. You can literally die. You got lucky.

Make sure if you're taking Klonopin, that you are consistent as far as dose goes, and again, do not stop abruptly. You have to taper as slowly as possible. Withdrawals will also exacerbate HPPD and DP/DR symptoms.

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