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Clonazepam making HPPD worse in the long run?

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So, i did some digging around, and from what i've gathered long term use of benzodiazepines, like Clonazepam, downregulates the GABA receptors, which in turn results in less GABA, and because of that too much glutamate, which is neurotoxic. 


But if this really is the case, how the heck can some people use Clonazepam for decades with a maintained effect? I know of two members on this forum and two in the HPPD group on FB were it has done miracles for their HPPD and they've been on it for 8+ years.


When i read this i got scared asf, because in my case all of the non-visual symptoms (dpdr, head pressure, anxiety, vivid dreams, impaired cognition/brainfog etc) and the hallucinations seem to be caused by some glutamate dysfuction, since Lamotrigine took away those symptoms for me, or well, still had like 10% dr left. 


So since i built a tolerance to Lamo, i've had to be on 1.5-2 mg Clona for three months to be functional by keeping those previously mentioned symptoms away (building tolerance to this as well). But if this is correct, my HPPD will get worse because of the excessive amount of glutamate that awaits me the more the GABA receptors becomes downregulated? 


Anyways, i will soon try Keppra, and with some luck that will work as well as Lamo did and i can slowly wean of the clona. God i hate this disorder! I would rather have taken my chances with cancer than having this.

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