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does the sensitivity to certain drugs get better overtime through abstinence? like caffeine alcohol nicotine etc. or do those things still effect people the same since the onset of symptoms or diagnose. Just trying to figure out my case a bit since im just so lost and not much information. just dont get how since onset of visual symptoms I continued marijuana for a while with no negative symptom effects and nothing got worse. then when i figure out its hppd and get sober for a while… then one beer makes my visual permanantly worse as of now and added some VS. then been feeling in better headspace as of recently and had a little nicotine and my vision seems a bit off and worse and not sure how I can be this sensitive. Like from my understanding if people can use certain drugs with hppd like nicotine or alc but just experience minor flareups for days or so. Like at this point for me I would literally have to stay sober for the rest of my life if i make it there and never have a single beer again and im only 19 like my whole partying and drinking phase with college is just starting. anyone else have permanently worse symptoms from a small amount of drugs from most of what I see thats not the case so I jusr dont understand. before I found out I had hppd and was just living normally with my vision I was literally doing better than knowing the diagnosis. my condition is literally worse of now than before and I was doing all the normal marujuana alcohol nic and was doing fine with no flareups. I honestly just dont understand at all. Sorry for this rant just feel like people should be posting on this more as well but such a small community . this condition is so fucked up hope everyone is pushing through it

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My sensitivity to stuff is off the charts. I quit doing any drugs after I got HPPD, but I smoke cigarettes and am a coffee fiend. The coffee definitely makes my symptoms worse. Cigarettes don’t affect me. I was drinking a lot back then (I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in over 6 years now) but I do remember it making my symptoms a lot worse. I won’t give up my coffee though!! 😆

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