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athletic performance and amonium salts

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over the years I've used fitness / body building as a way to manage my hppd seeing as that is something i can control (my body and eating) and hppd is something I cannot control. 

yesterday i tried ammonium smelling salts for the fist time to take things to a higher level,

would have to say it really F***ked things bad for me with much exacerbated visuals and severe DP.


just wondering if anyone may have any knowledge of this. Its something I won't be doing again.


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Thats pretty interesting. Ive done smelling salts alot before hockey games but havent in a bit and not since I got hppd. But it does make sense because the salts and supposed to wake the brain up and put into overdrive which could definitely exacerbate the symptoms. Im in very sensitive state with my case cant have coffee alcohol even claratin and allergy medications give me side effects, but will definately keep that in mind and not use salts. has it made the visuals worse the whole time since then?

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